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Helping Gibborim
swap algorithms for brotherhood


Key Market


Key Market

Gibborim brings Christian men together online to develop their faith, achieve their fitness goals and overcome personal challenges.

Gibborim brings Christian men together online to develop their faith, achieve their fitness goals and overcome personal challenges.


Gibborim was tired of how much work it took to reach their audience on Facebook, where constant algorithm updates made it hard to keep up.


Own the platform, abolish the algorithm. With their own private online space dedicated to worship, connection and growth, Gibborim is in charge. Away from the distractions of social media, their content gets seen, discussed and truly valued by members. Livestreams, podcasts, plans and prayers offer rich engagement. And through analytics, members themselves are easy to keep track of, keep motivated, and keep subscribed.



increase in registered users


average monthly growth


Increased retention and motivation,
time reclaimed from algorithm-led work,
50,000+ total inter-user connections

Gibborim means mighty. It’s a fitting name for a business that helps Christian men reach their full potential. Through spiritual and physical fitness, and by harnessing the power of community, Gibborim call their brothers to freedom and serve one another through love. But the journey to get here wasn’t easy.

Facebook got in the way of early community-building efforts. Despite creating great content that people loved, it was getting tougher to reach them and tougher still to convert them to subscribers. For Gibborim, it was time to take their mission elsewhere.

Working with Disciple

Gibborim’s challenge brought to mind the words of a different disciple, Matthew: “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Working together with us, that’s certainly what Gibborim got!

By creating their community app with us, Gibborim streamlined their business model. No more keeping up with the algorithm updates, constantly adjusting the strategy, fighting to be seen. Instead, a dedicated and effective system to reach and organise members, share and organise content, and charge a fair subscription fee. Livestreams for prayer and study, a content library for film projects and nutrition plans, groups for fun and friendship. As a result, the subscriber rate is growing by up to 40% a month, along with significantly increased revenue.

Ideal for religious groups

Gibborim’s independent app has enabled them to stay true to their values without ever having to compromise for Big Tech. Their belief is that, “a man is built by the influence of his mind, heart, and body, and all aspects must be addressed if he is to live at his full potential.” But it’s easier said than done when you have no control over what members see and do before and after they engage with your content.

Distractions and potentially negative influences made it impossible to effectively ‘address all aspects’ on Facebook. Now free of it and able to give members the space to think, pause and reflect, Gibborim’s teachings connect like never before. For both the wellbeing of members and success of the business, Gibborim say their app “is worth its weight in gold”.