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The Glow Guides’ approach is completely holistic but I also hope it feels like your best friend, providing inspiration and words of encouragement. Disciple really understands how to build engaged communities around their platforms. All the content lives in the app, in your pocket, portable and accessible and so there are no excuses not to do it!

Luke Bryan wanted a space to gather together his community of superfans to create a deeper, closer relationship with them. Read Luke’s full story with Disciple right here.

Luke Bryan

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Glow Guides is a Health & Wellness community hosted by Madeleine Shaw in her own Disciple app. Find out more about the Glow Guides community here.

Glow Guides

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Celebrity chef Hari Ghotra wanted her own space to gather and engage her community of foodie fans. Read her full story with Disciple here.

Hari Ghotra

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The Rolling Stones have always had a passionate community of superfans. What they didn’t have was a place to gather and engage them. The Disciple platform gave them a home for their community.

The Rolling Stones

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Sonam Kapoor wanted her own dedicated space to gather and engage her community of fans and followers. Read more on Sonam’s story with Disciple here.

Sonam Kapoor

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ODESZA are always finding new ways to amaze their fans and give them a unique experience. In Disciple, they found another way to do just that.


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