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Members find all the information they need about services, activities and events, and connect with each other in our app. It’s a great way to engage with customers directly versus email, website or social media.
- La Reserva Sotogrande

Bass IQ, an educational fishing organisation, wanted a way to bring new young people into their online community. They also wanted their own exclusive space for their best content. Here’s their story with Disciple so far.

Bass IQ

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Private residential community La Reserva de Sotogrande wanted a way to gather & connect their exclusive guest community. Here’s their full story with Disciple.

La Reserva Sotogrande

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Matt Hancock wanted to establish a new form of direct digital democracy. In Disciple, he found a better way to engage and communicate with his constituents.

Matt Hancock

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Luke Bryan wanted a space to gather together his community of superfans to create a deeper, closer relationship with them. Read Luke’s full story with Disciple right here.

Luke Bryan

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Glow Guides is a Health & Wellness community hosted by Madeleine Shaw in her own Disciple app. Find out more about the Glow Guides community here.

Glow Guides

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Celebrity chef Hari Ghotra wanted her own space to gather and engage her community of foodie fans. Read her full story with Disciple here.

Hari Ghotra

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