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Helping First Light Steak Club
break new ground in the USA


Key Market


Key Market

First Light produces award-winning wagyu beef, described by Forbes as “the best beef in the world”. Their passion unites farmers and steak lovers alike.

First Light produces award-winning wagyu beef, described by Forbes as “the best beef in the world”. Their passion unites farmers and steak lovers alike.


To launch their subscription-based steak club in the USA, First Light wanted to offer more than just epic steaks in the mail, but a members-only newsletter wouldn’t cut the mustard.


What’s a club without a clubhouse? Build an app, branded and exclusive, which connects members as a community and feels as premium as the steaks. A place to share recipes by specialist chefs and videos on cooking techniques, to discuss health and environmental benefits and, most importantly, to inspire brand advocates to celebrate the product and spread the wagyu word.



monthly active users


Highly competitive brand proposition,
widespread awareness in new market,
valuable customer insights at low cost

“As well as being able to access exclusive content, the app is a space where members can connect and communicate with fellow steak lovers.“

Three friends in New Zealand become culinary revolutionaries by shaking up the meat industry. Since 2006, they’ve been taking on meat packers, middlemen and volume resellers who had spent decades cutting corners in the name of margin. In their place, First Light Farm introduced quality farming practices and an end product described as the best beef in the world. Steak-loving Kiwis couldn’t get enough of it.

Over in the USA, imitation wagyu tended to come from feedlots known for poor animal treatment, poor farmer pay and poor meat, so First Light saw an opportunity to steal the market by shipping out the real deal. But they needed to go beyond just selling meat, they needed to sell their passion, skills and story. Win business by winning hearts and minds. What First Light needed was a community.

Working with Disciple

First Light knew their members were busy and always on the go, so wanted to create an app that didn’t ask too much of them but had plenty to offer when they came calling. Something simple and accessible, that makes space for conversation instead of just broadcasting updates.

At the app’s core is a content library that’s smartly organised and easy to get around, full of videos, articles and advice to get the best out of your beef. And although most people come for the content, they stay for the chat. Conversations bloom around flavour, health, sustainability and more, accompanied by photos of what’s cooking. It’s a buzzing hub of Steak Light love that also serves as an effective customer research tool.

The perfect digital side dish

For any serious business, customer experience has to be high on the agenda. For subscription-based businesses with little customer contact, it’s crucial. Loyalty pays and repeat revenue comes from lasting relationships, so First Light serves up a memorable experience that keeps people coming back for more.

As First Light Steak Club found, the added value of a branded community app has helped cement their success in the USA. It’s visible in the App Store, which broadens their reach, but it’s locked behind a paywall, which makes it exclusive to paying members. The ideal online home for the best beef in the world.

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