Launch your own community app

Grow, engage and monetise your community
with your own community app – on Web, iOS
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Grow, engage and monetise your community with your own community app – on Web, iOS and Android

the only community app you'll ever need

Grow revenue

Charge membership subscriptions, sell exclusive content and much more.

Boost engagement

Use Live streaming, push notifications and messaging.

Gain total control

Take control over your community, content and data

Community apps designed with your members in mind

We are passionate about communities and we are on a mission to make it easy and fun to create and grow online communities.

With Disciple community apps the possibilities are endless. Think of it as your own social space where you can gather, engage and monetise your members.

launching community app

Your own community app puts you in control of your community

Your own community space on iOS, Android and Web

Growing your community has never been easier. Choose the features that you like, pick your colours and invite your members. Start growing your community.

Manage and learn about your community

With Disciple, you get more than just a community app. You also get your own community dashboard which enables you to post content, moderate members and understand your community better.

We take care of the technology, so you can focus on your community


We built our public API, so you can integrate your community with existing tools.


We regularly update the platform with new features and keep an eye on App Store guidelines, so you don’t have to.


We provide a secure, GDPR compliant platform where you own and control your data.

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Signing up with Disciple has opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I could be doing to grow my business.
Erika Gayle, founder of The Babes Club
Content on my Hari Ghotra app receives 84% more engagement than my previous Facebook posts.
Hari Ghotra, chef, author and teacher
Our members say that our Disciple app has a premium quality and feel they’ve never experienced anywhere else.
Virginia Scheuer, founder of Soulpreneur’s Association
The app has been a great way of engaging people with our daily action ideas and bringing them into our community of caring and like-minded people.
Mark Williamson, director of Action for Happiness

If you've still got questions

It’s a social space where you can bring together your people, content and brand. With a similar functionality that you can find on social media platforms, it provides more flexibility and control.

Until now your options for creating brand awareness and increasing engagement in the digital realm were monopolized by the “Big Three”:

Facebook etc. – Leveraging traditional social media players such as extra-internet giants Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and WeChat is still one of the tent poles of any viable 21st-century business model. But your ability to shape them to your needs is limited.

Newsletters and Email Marketing – Email marketing remains an effective way to drive, not only traffic, but more importantly, conversions. But email use among younger people has been declining for a decade.

Giving Stuff Away – This marketing tactic is as old as the hills. Maybe older. People love free stuff which makes giveaways a great method for building awareness. As the saying goes “If you are giving something away, they will come.” But giving stuff away costs money.

The above are all tried and true methods for bolstering brand engagement. But recently they have begun to give ground to the power of the brand community.

A brand community allows you to create a more direct bond with community members. They enjoy a sense of exclusivity, while you gain a greater understanding of what is driving their interest than you could ever get from website analytics or Facebook comments.

If the brand community is to thrive in 2021, however, it will require a community app. Enter Disciple.

One reason so many people are ditching Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms is because of their recent tendency to impose their will on the user experience. So, you don’t want to repeat their mistakes. Yet at the same time if your community is to grow and prosper, you need to have some way to effectively moderate user generated content. Fortunately, Disciple Media’s community app builder provides you with as much or little control as you want or need.

Providing Direction

As your community attracts ever more members, a culture will begin to assert itself – that’s just the nature of human interactions. The important thing is that you have some way to influence the direction that culture takes in order to prevent things from devolving into a sea of irrelevancies that alienate loyal members.

In addition, if you are building a brand community you need to make sure the discussion stays within the margins of the brand, does not bring the brand into disrepute, and yet at the same time allows people to have their say. Disciple Media’s community app builder enables you to do just that.

At Disciple “total control” means just the right kind and amount of control community leaders need to ensure their community can flourish.

Monetise Your Community App

Monetising a community should never be done in a heavy-handed way that turns people off. At the same time, most netizens are pretty sophisticated folks who understand the need for a community to support itself.

Disciple provides many ways to monetise your community without having to engage in the hard sell, including premium content, membership subscription levels, sponsorship arrangements and more.

Leverage the power of in-app purchases, affiliate programs and advertising. Offer certain products exclusively to your community fan base, hold product raffles, or sell tickets to product launch events. The possibilities are endless when you build your community using the Disciple Media community platform.

And One More Thing…

Creating a community using Disciple Media means that community is yours for as long as you want it. Contrast that to Facebook, which could discontinue Facebook Groups at any time leaving the community you worked perhaps years to cultivate in tatters.

There are multiple ways to create your own online community app. Some businesses start with Facebook Groups but then quickly realise that they don’t have any control over their communities. As a result, many companies are now creating their own, private communities. With Disciple, you can start creating a community with a free trial.

Current estimates put the cost of hiring programmers and developing an app on your own at anywhere from £50,000 – £200,000+. Who has that kind of money? The few that do are willing to pay because of the tremendous potential upside to having a successful app.

But what if you could create a world-class community app for your band, club, leading-edge products, or political campaign for just a tiny fraction of that? An app that allowed full customisation, group segmentation, messaging, paid subscriptions and more.

While the most mainstream social media have their advantages, not everyone wants to be beholden to Facebook’s terms of service. Disciple puts control of the community app (or community website) back into the hands of hard-working community leaders who want to see their community members thrive. This gives them the power to decide on things like their community app pricing and who can create and upload content.

Traditional community platforms would usually have groups, content feeds, messaging and friending functionality. New tech companies, like Disciple, offer a multitude of other features, such as Livestreaming, Content Library, subscriptions, push-notifications and much more.

Once you’ve created your community app (Android, iOS, or web) with Disciple, the next step is to populate it with users. As soon as their community app download is complete, each member of your community can expect a highly positive user experience.

Every community is defined by its members. In order for your community to become successful, you need to identify your niche and create the right content. It’s also important to create a safe environment outside of social media, where your community members can feel at home. Disciple provides a number of moderation and analytical tools to keep your community safe, secure and engaged.

Enhanced Awareness

When customers, fans and followers coalesce into an online community this community takes on an identity all its own. They become a formidable force driving greater societal awareness of your inventions, products, services, music, or political positions.

Increased Loyalty

When people feel part of a community they are typically more loyal to the object of that community’s affections than if they see themselves as a lone observer. They are more willing to share content and tout its merits, rather than look upon it critically.

Greater Social Media Engagement

Anything you can do to bolster engagement with your Instagram or Facebook accounts can only be a good thing. A community app can be a launching pad from which your true believers carry your message to various social media platforms.

More Effective Crowdfunding

Many of today’s most popular products started life as crowd-funding campaigns. If you’re an inventor/entrepreneur your brand community can be the champions you need to kick start future fund-raising efforts.

Idea Generation

Often people drawn to a product or service are brimming with ideas about how to improve them. Giving them a community platform from which to share their ideas will enable you to jump-start innovation and keep your product or service ahead of the curve.

More Cost-Effective Marketing

Musicians with an established, dedicated community behind them can save on promotional costs by leaking snippets of their new music, or making concert announcements, directly to that community. They, in turn, will help spread the word to the world at large.

Built-in Focus Groups

With an eager online community anxious to see what you have in store next you can reduce your need for expensive focus groups. Members of your core community are also more likely to provide you with useful feedback than disinterested focus group members.

More Cost-Effective Customer Support

Members of your online community will answer each other’s questions and help each other resolve problems. This reduces your customer support costs.

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