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This app is awesome! Great for inspiration and it doesn't matter if you have never cooked Indian food before, the recipes are easy to follow and everyone in the community are just super helpful. - @HeleneKlaustrup

What's great is that the app allows you to post about your own cooking, and see what other people and Hari are eating. I really enjoy seeing what people are cooking, and Hari is often on hand to help answer questions too! - @ITookAction

Hari’s app really changed my approach to Indian cooking. The video recipes make the whole process a breeze and mean that they’re memorable too. There’s plenty of variety of courses and ingredients. - @ Tommo_W

Press Quotes

For lovers of Indian food and cooking, Hari "Ghotra has launched a new community app loaded with hundreds of delicious recipes, exclusive new dishes and easy to follow video tutorials." - Quality Food Awards

"Hari Ghotra now runs the biggest digital Indian food platform in the UK. She now has her own app, where Hari delivers live cook-alongs weekly, you can create, share and enjoy fabulous Indian food in your home." - Great British Chefs

"Hari Ghotra is an online portal for authentic Indian food. It is a way of bridging the gap for people to cook traditional Indian food, giving them the ability to do it through various digital platforms." - The Guardian