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Helping Action For Happiness
build a safe space to be vulnerable


Key Market


Key Market

Action For Happiness is a global mental health charity that provides courses, events and community support to create a kinder, happier world.

Action For Happiness is a global mental health charity that provides courses, events and community support to create a kinder, happier world.


Vulnerable people in need were uncomfortable sharing their experiences on social media, where Action For Happiness was trying to reach them.


Keep the benefits of an online community but lose the mental health risks that come with traditional social media. By creating an independent, exclusive space online that is entirely managed and owned by the charity, both Action For Happiness and members get peace of mind. The app completely secures member privacy, wellbeing and data. And through push notifications and messaging, members are within reach whenever and wherever they are.



average monthly growth


monthly active users


Completely secure and private service,
increased engagement and reach,
widespread awareness of the mission

“The app has been a great way of engaging people with our daily action ideas and bringing them into our community of caring and like-minded people.”

Action For Happiness was founded in 2010 on a simple idea: we can uplift the quality of life in our societies if we each make happiness our primary goal. The movement quickly gained popularity worldwide, with the Dalai Lama becoming patron the following year.

To achieve their goal, the UK-based charity gets people together to learn skills for happier living, feel a sense of belonging, and commit to personal action plans. Usually this all happens face to face but that’s not possible for everyone, so Action For Happiness took to social media. However, many of the vulnerable people they helped were uncomfortable sharing so openly, and others were detoxing from the platforms altogether.

Working with Disciple

Action for Happiness says people make the biggest difference together, and we couldn’t agree more. So when they came to collaborate with us, we designed an app that empowers people to do exactly that. Every member is encouraged to fully be themselves, express their concerns openly, share their experiences without fear of judgement or exposure. Everything is private, positive and proactive.

Members get to know each other through lively groups and forums, learn together through courses and daily actions, support each other through whatever life throws their way. Every day, an inspiring idea is sent as a push notification. And every now and then, a famous face pops in to give an inspiring talk. The approach is working, too. Action for Happiness’ app is so popular that 75% of the community actively engages every month.

Investing in the mission

As a charity, it’s especially important to maximise your investments, so Action For Happiness is run by a very small but very active team in London. Now backed up by their app, their ability to spread happiness has been supercharged. So although free for people to download and use, the app’s return on investment has been significant. Ultimately, it has and continues to contribute to building a happier and kinder world.

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