We help content publishers connect with their most dedicated supporters.

Digital media provides amazing choice, variety and aggregation. But add algorithms, recommendations and a growing number of platforms to the mix, and very quickly valuable relationships between content publishers and their supporters have been lost.

Our mission is to help publishers of all types take control of the relationship with their supporters through a single own-branded community apps platform – a place that belongs to them.


The Rolling Stones

The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World - 'It'll be like having your own AAA pass - everything first, right in your pocket'

Hari Ghotra

If you're a fan of The Curry Guy, Sweet’N’Spicy or Yum-Yum!, then you will love Hari's recipes, cooking tips and meals plans.

Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood's Leading Lady - ‘I absolutely adore my fans! The App means I'll now be able to keep in touch and share experiences with fans worldwide, even when I'm busy filming’

Madeleine Shaw

The Glowing Wellness Guru - 'My ‘Glow Guides’ App is like your best friend, providing inspiration and words of encouragement. Disciple understand how to build engaged communities so I can speak directly to all ‘Glow Guides’ participants'

Luke Bryan

Country Music's Top-Grossing Artist - 'This is the perfect opportunity to connect with my fans in a very meaningful and direct way'

Your holistic mobile platform.

Whatever your business – be it Music, Wellness, Sport, Food – we can help you gain the most value from your supporters. Our mobile platform gives you Community engagement, Content variety, Revenue flexibility and ownership of Data & Insights.


For supporters it’s a place to share their passion through posts and messaging. For publishers, it’s a place to give your supporters exclusive access. Reach 100% of your App audience, not a small subset controlled by an algorithm. Get feedback via Q&As and Polls and see what they’re saying on their feed. Recognise and reward your most avid supporters with reposts, fan of the month or meet & greets.


Entertain your supporters through a variety of content from live streaming to AR. Give them exclusive first access to your newest work. Don’t lose your content in a social feed – keep an archive of all your content in one place.


We’ve built the optimum, flexible App feature set and revenue model for you and your supporters. Whether it’s Free-to-fan or Subscription, Ad-funded or Sponsored – all with options for In-App purchases, merchandise or ticket sales and VIP upgrades, we can help you commercialise your content in a multitude of ways.

Data & Insights.

Get to know your supporter base more deeply through data. Understand who they are, where they are and what they like (or don’t like). Consider them your very own research panel. Test out ideas and get instant feedback, with 24/7 access to your data through your own dashboard.

Want to take control of the relationship with your supporters?

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