The simple way to connect with your community.

Feel like it’s getting harder to engage with your community in a positive, meaningful way? Disciple’s platform gives you the power to host a community without limits. It takes just a few minutes to build your branded app. You don’t even need coding skills!

We simply offer our platform for a licence fee to cover hosting and maintenance costs. We think that’s fair.


The Rolling Stones

The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World - 'It's like having your own AAA pass - everything first, right in your pocket'
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Matt Hancock MP

UK Secretary of State, Digital, Culture, Media & Sport - I’m delighted to have the chance to build a safe, open and accessible online community for my West Suffolk constituents and I to engage with the issues that matter to them.

Hari Ghotra

If you're a fan of The Curry Guy, Sweet’N’Spicy or Yum-Yum!, then you will love Hari's recipes, cooking tips and meals plans.

Madeleine Shaw

The Glowing Wellness Guru - 'My ‘Glow Guides’ App is like your best friend, providing inspiration and words of encouragement. Disciple understand how to build engaged communities so I can speak directly to all ‘Glow Guides’ participants'

Luke Bryan

Country Music's Top-Grossing Artist - 'This is the perfect opportunity to connect with my fans in a very meaningful and direct way'

Your own mobile platform.

Whatever your passion – be it Music, Wellness, Sport, Food, Public Service – we can help you gain the most value from your community. Our simple mobile platform allows you to create your own branded app then publish a range of content, interact with your community, monetise how you wish and take ownership of your data and insights.


Our platform allows you to publish any type of content directly to your community’s phones. Reach 100% of your audience, rather than a small subset, as is often the case on public social networks. Don’t get lost in a newsfeed.


For your community it’s a place to share their passion through posts and messaging. For you, it’s a place to interact directly and build a closer connection with your most valuable audience. Recognise and reward your most active users.


The Disciple platform gives you the freedom to decide if and how you generate revenue from your community.  Choose from free, subscription or ad-funded packages. All come with options for in-app purchases and e-commerce.


You get complete access to your community and their data. Understand who they are, where they are and what they like. Consider them your very own research panel. Use polls to test out ideas and get instant feedback.

Build your own branded community app.

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