Here’s how it works.

We start by building you your own community app using your logos, your designs and your choice of features. When it’s ready, we launch it to app stores for you and train you on how to manage your community through the Disciple Hub. Then, it’s over to you. We’re here for training and support but, other than that, we’ll leave you to focus on gathering, engaging and monetising your community. In your own community space.

iOS App

Your own-branded iOS app. Published, live and discoverable in the App Store.

The Disciple Hub

Your own Community Management Hub where you can publish updates and content to your app, as well as manage and understand your community.

Android App

Your own-branded Android app. Published, live and discoverable in the Google Play Store.

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Publish all types and formats of content. - Disciple

Publish all types and formats of content.

Post the following types of content: Text, Articles, Images (JPEG, PNG, TIFF), Videos (MPEG, MP4, OGG, Quicktime, WEBM, X-M4V), Audio (MP3), GIFs and PDFs.

Livestream your events. - Disciple

Livestream your events.

Instantly start a livestream from your phone to video broadcast your event, class, talk or show to all of your members. They’ll receive a push notification whenever you’re going live.

Send custom push notifications. - Disciple

Send custom push notifications.

Send push notifications with set text or your own choice of message. Choose whether to send to all of your followers or a specific group using our simple segmentation tools.

Securely store all your content. - Disciple

Securely store all your content.

Build up a store of all your content directly on your community members’ mobile devices so they can access it whenever, wherever.

Advertise your events. - Disciple

Advertise your events.

Create events and publicise them to your community. Choose from VIP and pre-sale options. Perfect for tours, meetings, meetups, classes and launches.

Schedule posts. - Disciple

Schedule posts.

Build a publishing calendar with scheduled posts. Plan and schedule your content and leave the Disciple Hub to post your content at the right time.

Adjust exclusivity settings. - Disciple

Adjust exclusivity settings.

Choose which posts are exclusive to your app only and which can be shared to social media. Perfect for containing big announcements or more exclusive content that justifies a subscription.

Engage & Manage.

Connect your members. - Disciple

Connect your members.

Friending and private messaging functionality helps community members build direct, interactive conversations and friendships with each other.

Ask a question and get instant feedback. - Disciple

Ask a question and get instant feedback.

Post native polls to ask your community a question. Find out what they like, what they want more of, what’s working and what’s not. Show votes as they come in or hide results until the poll ends.

Create conversations. - Disciple

Create conversations.

Use hashtags to create topic-based discussion threads. Allow members to start, join and follow conversations and topics that matter most to them. Members can follow hashtags to create a personalised dashboard of their favourite topics.

Manage your community. - Disciple

Manage your community.

Monitor and moderate your community directly from your Hub. Remove content, block, report, ban or shadowban your members if necessary to keep your community safe and positive.

Invite only. - Disciple

Invite only.

Make your community open to all or keep it exclusive and invite only using our built-in invite system.


Offer subscriptions. - Disciple

Offer subscriptions.

Choose from a range of subscription options with flexible pricing, and free trial periods. Drive subscriptions through a freemium model where you choose which content is free or behind a paywall.

Monetise your content. - Disciple

Monetise your content.

Choose from a range of in-app purchase options to monetise your digital content. You can control which content programs, feeds, downloads and courses your members must pay to access.

Drive in-app purchases. - Disciple

Drive in-app purchases.

Link directly to your online store through our in-app browser functionality or select our Shopify integration to include your Disciple-powered app in your comprehensive e-Commerce stack.

Drive sales with special offers. - Disciple

Drive sales with special offers.

Introduce a special offer or exclusive discount to your app community through our discount code functionality. Reward individual members for their loyalty with a personalised offer or roll out a discount to your whole community.

Data, Analytics and Security.

Understand your members. - Disciple

Understand your members.

See all of your community data. No aggregated datasets with Disciple. View email addresses, usernames, locations, behavioural and in-app purchase data in its original form. Or, visualise this data on your own customised analytics dashboard.

Be confident in compliance. - Disciple

Be confident in compliance.

We run and maintain our platform according to GDPR compliance regulations. Rest easy knowing that we, as your data processor, are protecting you and your community’s data as if it were our own.

Store your data securely. - Disciple

Store your data securely.

Our platform is built on a foundation of compliance and advanced security to make sure your data is safe, secure and accessible only to you.


MailChimp - Disciple


Integrate your community app with your MailChimp mailing list. Collect GDPR-compliant opt-ins for email marketing from your app’s native registration screen.

Shopify  - Disciple


Connect with your e-Commerce platform through our Shopify integration. Drive D2C sales by adding a powerful new mobile platform to your overall e-Commerce stack.

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