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Trusted by over 700 communities
to engage over 2 million members

Trusted by over 700
to engage
over 2 million members


Generate income by selling online courses,
membership subscriptions, and
exclusive content.

Generate income by selling online
courses, membership subscriptions, and
exclusive content.


Drive more engagement than typically seen on
Facebook and Instagram.

Drive more engagement than typically
seen on Facebook and Instagram.

total control

Bring your community together in a safe space
that you own and control.

Bring your community together in a safe
space that you own and control.

The only community software you’ll ever need

Disciple’s community engagement software is designed to ensure your community thrives. We power communities that are built around shared passions and interests.

We worked with hundreds of communities from over twenty industries, so we know what makes a community successful. We provide a range of tools to make it easy to start, grow and manage your online community.

Supercharge your business with your
own community app

Supercharge your
business with your
own community app

Your own independent
and fully-branded app

Create a fully personalised app with
your own beautiful branding - no
coding required

Bring your community
and tools together in one place

Save time with all of your content,
groups and tools seamlessly
accessible from one central place

Motivate your members
with one tap

Reach your members directly in real
time with Livestreams, Broadcasts,
Direct Messaging, Push Notifications,
Polls and more

Quick to set up,
intuitive to use

A first class experience for you and
your members. Your app is flexible to
your needs, easy to use and puts you
in charge of how you manage your

Turn your passion
into profit

Make money doing what you love
with subscriptions, in-app purchases,
premium groups and more

Millions can reach you
wherever they are

Available on Android, iOS and Web.

We take care of the technology, so you can
focus on your community

We take care of the
technology, so you can
focus on your community


We built our public API, so you can
integrate your community platform with your
existing tools.


We regularly update the platform with new
features and keep an eye on App Store
guidelines, so you don’t have to.


We provide a secure, GDPR compliant
community platform where you own and
control your data.

Disciple is trusted by
communities like yours...

I have over 3,000 paying members on my Disciple app called Sanctuary.
Rod Stryker, founder of Sanctuary
Content on my Hari Ghotra app receives 84% more engagement than my previous Facebook posts.
Hari Ghotra, chef, author and teacher
Our members say that our Disciple app has a premium quality and feel they’ve never experienced anywhere else
Virginia Scheuer, founder of Soulpreneur’s Association
The app has been a great way of engaging people with our daily action ideas and bringing them into our community of caring and like-minded people.
Mark Williamson, director of Action for Happiness


Choosing the right community software can be challenging. But it shouldn’t be like that. There are key things you need to understand when you make your decision. Do you want it to be a SaaS community or do you want to it be developed specifically for you? The first option is much more affordable and much faster to deploy. You also need to survey your members to understand what do they expect to see from a new community space. You can then draft a list of features that you would require. Here at Disciple, we provide the most extensive range of features to support you in your community-building efforts.

Why Choose Disciple?

All online community software developers today start from the same basic premise: that tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have gotten too big for their own good. As a result, they are no longer viable platforms for creating and cultivating engaging, vibrant communities that revolve around a particular brand or cause. That’s because, with each passing year, they transfer more and more control from users to the suits behind the platform.

At Disciple, we understand that, in order for online communities to flourish, control needs to be returned to community leaders. After all, no one understands the community like they do. So we gladly step aside and put the control back where it belongs: in your hands.

Getting Out of Your Way

With the Disciple community software and app…

    • You are free to monetise the community as you see fit.
    • You are free to charge subscriptions for memberships should you so choose.
    • You decide whether to pursue sponsorships and what form they will take.
    • You determine who deserves sanctioning, based on what’s best for the community.
    • Your community is no longer subjected to the arbitrary whims of those trying to satisfy shareholder lust for ever greater profits.

In other words, we treat you like an adult capable of making your own decisions regarding the health and viability of your community. But that’s not the only reason to choose the Disciple community software platform.

The Power of the App

The mobile app has become the social intermediary of our time. People today rely on apps for travel bookings, music acquisition, health information, emergency communications, weather updates, stock tips and much more. The flexibility of the app, along with people’s fundamental familiarity with it, make it the ideal tool for promoting community engagement.

The problem is, it can cost £250,000 or more to create a state-of-the-art app these days, and what community organiser or startup has that kind of cash lying around? Enter Disciple. For a modest monthly fee, we enable you to develop and launch your own community mobile app that’s compatible with iOS or Android and which will take your community-building efforts to the next level.

Our Features

Disciple is feature-rich online community software for creating and cultivating internet-based communities at your own pace, in your own way. We provide the tools you need to get your community off the ground and the customer support you need to troubleshoot problems that could undermine your efforts. Here is just a sampling of some of our key features:


Our groups feature enables you to segment your community into a collection of sub-communities both public and private. This type of segmentation promotes more focused communication, a higher degree of bonding between community members and also allows for more effective monetisation efforts. More cohesive groups are also less likely to be subjected to trolling or other practices that are the bane of so many social media interactions.


We provide powerful analytic tools that enable you to track a host of vital metrics. Gain important insights into community member behaviours. Measure the effectiveness of community-building initiatives. Gauge the success of special events. Understand why some monetisation efforts are more successful than others. All of that and more is possible with Disciple.


One of the most effective ways to build tight-knit, responsive branded communities is to allow members to send private messages to one another. The Disciple community platform offers a way to do just that without having to call upon 3rd party apps, or even venture outside the community environment. It’s just one more way we bring people closer together.

Customer Support

When it comes to any type of online effort, success is as much a measure of the quality of the support you receive as anything else. To that end, we provide comprehensive customer service to all our community leaders. If you have taken advantage of our mobile app creation service we up the support even further by assigning a dedicated Customer Success Manager to your account.


Polls are ubiquitous today because they work. They work in the sense that they can provide accurate information, they get people’s attention, they enable you to take the pulse of the community, and ultimately allow people to have a voice on issues important to the community.

Community building is not a simple task. You need to identify a customer segment that shares a particular passion that they want to coalesce around. You then need to choose the right community engagement software for them. Finally, you need a community manager to create content regularly and moderate conversations.

Online community engagement platforms have a range of purposes; for example, they can help a brand improve customer relationships, provide a social community with a virtual space to make their own, and offer any public figure a forum for user generated content and discourse from fans.

Across the internet, there are many groups of people with a shared interest or common cause that would be well-suited to a custom social media platform. With the Disciple software, this is easy and satisfying to achieve. Book a demo today and take the first step towards a better community experience for your followers.

Well, we might be biased, but after comparing a lot of different community engagement software, we can definitely say that Disciple has the best community software. It comprises all the features of enterprise solutions at a fraction of the cost. Disciple also has best in class member experience which is represented by its 4.6+ ranking in app stores.

We love to talk about different examples of brand communities. Some of our favourites are The Pink Un (a local Norwich City FC fan club), WeCreate (a community of aspiring entrepreneurs) and Her Spirit (a women’s fitness community). They are far from the only ones, however. Here are some more Disciple community software success stories.

A Year with My Camera

Emma Davies is a photographer who had previously relied on social media giants Facebook and Instagram to promote her work and stay in touch with her fan community. Over time she became disillusioned with the fact that newsfeeds featuring her posts were becoming more like advertising feeds and that her work was getting lost in the process.

Emma’s search for a better user experience took her to us, and in short order she created her own community space focused squarely on her work. Since making the move to Disciple Media’s community software, her community has seen impressive growth and the percentage of members actively engaged has dramatically increased from the 10% she experienced with the tech giants to 50% with Disciple.

Emma has also been able to expand the nature of that engagement by creating niche photography groups within her community. These, in turn, draw in fans of other photographers as well as photo aficionados from all walks of life. Because Disciple gives her complete control over her online space with robust moderation tools, she is also able to ensure that her online community is a safe and enjoyable space for everyone.

Battered Black Book

Battered Black Book were looking for a way to bring together their high-wealth clients as well as their Partners in a single online space. Before migrating to Disciple, they attempted to create a type of social media community network using a variety of online platforms. But jumping from app to app proved frustrating and limiting and resulted in their community becoming scattered with members increasingly out of touch with one another and the Partners.

Disciple’s online community software enabled them to create a community platform where clients and Partners could be brought together under one roof. Our powerful feature set provides everything they needed to enhance engagement, dramatically improve communication, segment community members and Partners, and create content designed to cater to the specific needs of each group.

Battered Black Book now has an easier time promoting their Partners, communicating with members, getting the word out regarding product offerings and events and building brand loyalty. One outward sign of the success of their Disciple community app is that they now have 4x the following they previously had on Facebook.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones occupy the rarefied air of pop culture icons. Nearly 60 years after the group’s founding they continue to sell millions of records every year and sell out stadiums in minutes. Tired of the limits put on them and their fans by social media giants, the Stones went looking for a better way and found it with Disciple’s online community software.

Their mobile app was launched amidst the band’s sold-out South American tour in 2016 and proved an immediate hit with fans. In fact, over the past year alone those fans spent an astonishing total of 13.5 million minutes in the app. A further testament to the app’s popularity with the fan base is that more than 70% of in-app activity is fan-generated!

The Rolling Stones community app generates user engagement that’s more than 16x greater than that of other social media platforms. Not only that, they are paragons of community software monetisation offering all manner of direct merchandise sales, exclusive content and concert ticket pre-sales.

Aptitude Athlete

The Aptitude Athlete community app is the product of ACES Hockey Academy. The Academy came to us looking for a way to ramp up engagement while eliminating the endless distractions of typical social media environments. They found exactly what they were looking for with the Disciple community software.

Young athletes need to be able to focus on their development free of distractions. Because of that, the ACES Hockey Academy wanted a way to bring their community together in a way that avoided the pitfalls of Facebook and other mainstream applications. The problem was, they lacked the financial resources to develop their own community app from scratch.

Not to worry. For just a fraction of the cost of hiring private developers, Disciple Media provided them with a way to create a safe, secure online space perfectly tailored to their needs.

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Community Stories

We’ve built beautiful apps for over 700 communities and helped them to engage over 2 million members. Find out how businesses like yours have used the Disciple platform to supercharge their communities!