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Helping Faithbox to drive engagement with streamlined content

Key Market

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Key Market

Faithbox is a monthly Christian subscription box that helps people to grow and develop their faith with daily devotionals and unique products.

Faithbox is a monthly Christian subscription box that helps people to grow and develop their faith with daily devotionals and unique products.


Faithbox was fed up with not being able to reach or spark engagement with their audience in a meaningful way on their social media channels.


With their own Disciple App, they can more effectively engage with their customers and are able to easily house their content in one central space. They also save hours of time from uploading content onto multiple platforms to reach their audience, making it much easier to create meaningful connections with their subscribers.



Increase in monthly active users


App member growth


100’s of dollars saved from not having to pay for multiple spaces to house their content. 10% increase in customer lifespan as a result of streamlining their community.

“Disciple has made a massive difference in helping us to create and maintain a highly engaged place for our community”.


Before Faithbox joined Disciple, they’d been hosting their community on a private Facebook group. Between this and emails, they found themselves struggling to effectively communicate with their community. They wanted to find an easier way to reach their community that didn’t involve relying on multiple different platforms. Faithbox was also passionate about creating a central space that would foster a highly active community filled with meaningful and enriching connections. Working with Disciple Disciple’s community platform has helped them to create a highly active and engaged community which has created tremendous results for their business. Since launch, they’ve seen their monthly active users increase by 20%. Faithbox has benefited particularly from the ‘Groups’ feature. This feature alone has helped them to create multiple channels and feeds that help its users to discover new and interesting content and topics that are relevant to their user groups. This has been even easier to manage with the Folders feature. Having their own content library allows Faithbox to upload various types of content and resources that provide their community with even more value. Since launching their community platform, Faithbox has also seen an increase of 10% in its customer lifespan. By investing in their own community platform, they’ve also been able to create a strong sense of brand loyalty. Faithbox is much happier with how easy it is to manage one central space and so are their customers.

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