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Helping Her Spirit
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Key Market


Key Market

Mel and Holly created Her Spirit to inspire women of all ages to be fitter, stronger and healthier. Their community app brings it all home.

Mel and Holly created Her Spirit to inspire women of all ages to be fitter, stronger and healthier. Their community app brings it all home.


Her Spirit had no trouble building a following on social media but struggled to engage on a personal level because members felt too exposed.


Create a private fitness club online that encourages openness through safety, security and peer support. An app that doesn’t rely on social media, where women feel at ease enough to honestly express their mental and physical challenges. And where Her Spirit can turn meaningful relationships into a sustainable business, using the app to sell memberships, send notifications, share content and get creative.



increase in total members


conversion to paid subscribers


Higher engagement from members,
regular revenue through subscriptions,
complete ownership of platform

“90% of our work comes directly from our community app. Having a central space that allows us to store and publish meditations, fitness regimes, recipes, community challenges, on-demand videos and Livestreams has been a huge factor in our success.”

Holly Woodford

“Together we’ve got this!” That’s the mantra that guides Her Spirit and unites their global community of women getting fit. It’s also the reason they migrated from social media, where so-called togetherness comes at a cost. And that’s not what Her Spirit is about.

When they founded their company, Mel Berry and Holly Woodford set out to make change happen. Their mission is to challenge a diet and fitness industry that fails women with unrealistic standards, quick-fix diets and one-size-fits-all advice. But can you really undo these trends when your business is based on social media, which is largely responsible for their spread in the first place? Her Spirit thought not…

Working with Disciple

Her Spirit asked us to flip the script on traditional social media. Their privately owned space needed to prioritise quality over quantity, connection over broadcast, security over vulnerability. Only then would Mel and Holly be able to forge the type of relationships they wanted their business to be known for, and be able to manage them at scale.

Together we created the Her Spirit app, an all-in-one fitness community away from the noise and negativity of social media. Structured around small achievable steps that lead to big changes, the team teach through livestreams and on-demand videos, share to content libraries and feeds, and get people talking through groups and events. Because as Her Spirit put it, “being fit and healthy shouldn’t be a chore but something you love to do.” Now it is.

Personal connections that pay out

As Her Spirit suspected, meaningful relationships are better for everyone. Engagement has soared since members can openly share real challenges and get real support, and it’s helped relationships flourish between members as well as with the coaches. Now able to track each member’s journey, progress and activity, Mel and Holly can see and celebrate every success.

The Her Spirit app tears down all the usual barriers to entry, including price. Download the app for free and try a few classes on demand, or go for the premium option to access specialist coaches, plans and courses, weekly live-streamed classes, community challenges and rewards – the list goes on! Through the Disciple system, they can even offer a 14-day free trial to get people interested and into the habit. As a result, 90% of Her Spirit’s revenue comes through their app.

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