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Membership Businesses: Meet The Female Founders Leading the Way

The membership model stands out as game-changer for women looking to build successful online businesses. Membership businesses are ventures where individuals pay a recurring fee to access exclusive content, services, or communities tailored to their interests or needs.

Through enabling authentic connections, valuable content and shared experiences, female entrepreneurs are redefining what it means to lead in the digital age, while offering members the benefits of belonging to a supportive and engaging community. 

Female founders are creating their own apps and membership spaces, setting the rules and defining success on their own terms. These are spaces where women can flourish together and build the lives they want.

Unlike traditional business models that may present barriers to entry or perpetuate patriarchal work cultures, the membership model offers a level playing field where female founders can thrive and lead with authenticity, balance and purpose. 

In this exploration, we uncover the potential of the membership model, guided by the stories and strategies of five inspiring women who have found success on our platform.

5 female leaders who have used the membership model to build thriving businesses

Cultivating connections: Holly and Mel, Her Spirit

In an era marked by digital isolation, online membership communities are vital spaces for genuine human connection.

Female entrepreneurs, like Mel and Holly of Her Spirit, are leading the charge, creating digital havens where collaboration, support and empowerment thrive. Through their Her Spirit app, Mel and Holly foster an environment where fitness enthusiasts come together to support and uplift one another.

Her Spirit’s success speaks volumes about the power of cultivating connections in online communities. Since creating their own app, Her Spirit’s membership has increased by over 200%. Her Spirit’s commitment to listening to its members, analyzing data and fostering community engagement has led to exponential growth and sustained success. 


By prioritizing feedback, insights and genuine interaction, Her Spirit continues to develop and innovate, ensuring that its members’ evolving needs are met and that the community remains vibrant and inclusive.


Nurturing niches: Isabelle, Short & Sweat

Empowered by platforms offering membership capabilities, women entrepreneurs are carving out spaces based on their passions and expertise. These digital sanctuaries attract devoted members hungry for authentic engagement, ensuring that every interaction resonates deeply with their interests and needs.


Short & Sweat, led by Isabelle Bonin, exemplifies this approach, tailoring fitness solutions for busy individuals in Quebec. By honing in on a specific audience within the fitness market, Isabelle curates specialized content and experiences that enable genuine connections and meet the unique needs of her members.


With over 2000 members and an impressive retention rate of 98%, Short & Sweat’s success underscores the power of niche-focused offerings. By understanding and addressing the specific challenges of her target audience, Isabelle has cultivated a loyal following in her niche.


Elevating experiences: Karin, Bodily 

At the core of every thriving membership community lies a commitment to enrich, educate and empower its members. Women entrepreneurs are charting the course, crafting experiences that unlock opportunities and knowledge through meticulously curated content, exclusive resources, and immersive events. These experiences captivate their audiences and ignite sparks of inspiration that fuel ongoing engagement and loyalty.


Karin Franzén Bohman’s Bodily app epitomizes this ethos by offering comprehensive programs and resources for individuals seeking holistic wellness solutions. Bodily members love the training programs and community found on the app, and so they keep coming back and enrolling in new programs.


With an average app store review rating of 4.8, Bodily boasts high member satisfaction and engagement levels.  Bodily’s success underscores its ability to deliver immersive experiences that enrich the lives of its members, further solidifying its position as a leader in the realm of online wellness communities.



Empowering entrepreneurship: Marie, Knit Camp

Membership-based businesses are empowering women to monetize their expertise, cultivate leadership and expand their impact on their own terms. 

Knit Camp, led by Marie Greene, exemplifies this by providing a digital haven where knitters worldwide can learn, share projects and support one another’s creative pursuits. 

Marie is an inspiring and committed leader who saw the potential of the membership model for expanding her business early on. Since establishing her dedicated membership app hosted on Disciple, Marie has grown an impressive membership base that exceeds 1,200, and has increased her revenue fivefold.

These achievements underscore the possibilities for online entrepreneurs who want to build transformational memberships.

Fostering growth: Emma, A Year With My Camera

Adaptability serves as the cornerstone of sustainable success in the world of online memberships. Emma Davies, the visionary behind A Year With My Camera, epitomizes this ethos by harnessing feedback, data insights, and community engagement to propel growth and innovation within her photography education platform. 


Emma’s journey commenced with a keen awareness of the limitations imposed by conventional social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Motivated to craft a more enriching and supportive environment for her community, Emma transitioned to her own app, powered by Disciple. This strategic pivot empowered her to tailor the user experience, curate content to resonate with her audience’s aspirations, and foster deeper connections among members.


By actively soliciting and heeding her community’s feedback, Emma has continually refined and enhanced her platform. Her strategic move to offer subscriptions and courses directly through her app has streamlined the user experience and catalyzed a significant uptick in revenue generation. Emma has not only nurtured a flourishing community but has also positioned her platform for sustained success and expansion amidst the ever-evolving digital landscape.



The stories of these remarkable entrepreneurs showcase the transformative power of membership-based businesses in the digital age. They have not only built thriving communities but also redefined the landscape of online entrepreneurship.


These inspiring female founders have demonstrated that the membership model provides a unique opportunity for women to lead with authenticity and purpose. By leveraging digital platforms to cultivate meaningful connections, deliver personalized experiences and foster growth, they have shattered traditional barriers and paved the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.


As we celebrate their successes and lessons learned, it becomes evident that the membership model holds immense potential for female entrepreneurs to shape their destinies and drive positive transformation in society.

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