Bettermode (formerly Alternative. More personal, more customizable.

Should you use Bettermode or Disciple to build your online community?

Bettermode (formerly platform alternative

Disciple Media: The Bettermode/Tribe alternative which puts community first.

Bettermode is an online community platform that allows you to create a community website that focuses primarily on product promotion with features including upvotes, likes, shares, and widgets that can be used as social components. Bettermode’s Activity Feed is driven by machine learning and they offer app extensions, smart targeting, and gamification.

Disciple is a leading Bettermode alternative that prioritizes community building over the promotion of specific products. We put a premium on accessibility and provide a simple and affordable way to create a community platform across Web and Mobile. But that’s not all. Unlike Bettermode, here at Disciple, we offer innovative, highly effective ways to monetize your community without engaging in a hard sell, whilst also providing limitless ways to boost engagement via Direct Messaging, Threaded-comments, Polls, Livestreams, Push Notifications, Folders, and much more.

best community platform

If you’re on the fence about which option is best for your community, we’re going to take a closer look at both the Tribe community platform and the Tribe alternative, Disciple. We’ll look at similarities, differences and help you to decide which will be the best choice for building your online community.

Key benefitsDiscipleTribe
Create posts on your community and drive engagement with a variety of post types.
Create multiple Groups in your community that can be set to mandatory, public, private or secret.
Display your content in the best way possible by using Folders to showcase your images, videos, articles and links.
Manage events and specify key information such as location, time, links and a RSVP option.
Mobile Livestream
Live stream directly to your community using our native livestream system built seamlessly into our Mobile and Web apps.
Private Messaging
Allow members to directly and privately message each other within your community to drive deeper connections.
Member Communication
Notify and communicate with your members through Email, Push Notifications and Messages.
Member Invite
Drive community growth by inviting members to your community. Also put the power into your members hands and allow them to invite more members through referral codes.
Custom Branding
Customise the look of your community with your own brand colours, logos and assets with our sophisticated customisation tools.
Custom Navigation
Change the layout of your community by customising your community navigation and structure with our easy-to-use customisation tools.
Member Management
Manage members in one place. Edit, delete and determine Group Admins with our member management tools.
Profile Fields
Create custom profile fields and collect information from your members. Determine whether these are required on sign up and whether they are public facing to other community members.
Analytics Built-in
Learn and drive your community by looking into your communities data using analytics.
Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
Expand your community member base by creating a completely mobile iOS or Android app.
Console (Management system)
Easily manage your community using the console. Our one stop shop for all community management.
Web App (PWA)
A completely web based community that is powered by cutting edge technology.
Monetization Built-in
Variety of monetization options such as membership subscriptions, exclusive content, sponsorships and much more.
Secure your community by making it invite only.
Own and manage all of your member’s data in a secure GDPR compliant environment.
Connect with some of your favourite tools such as Zapier, Mailchimp and Thinkific.
Our open API enables you to extend the existing Disciple functionality and automate community management through Disciple’s API.
Create a Single Sign On solution with our SSO integrations tools.

Bettermode vs Disciple: Key benefits

Customised branding & navigation
Customised Activity Feed
iOS and Android compatible
Push Notifications
Livestream directly from app
Multiple monetization options
Create Events
Folders to store content
Profile Fields
Create multiple Groups
Console Management System
Built in analytics

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