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September App Update

Welcome to a brave new world and the September App update. Each month we will be providing you with the lowdown of what exactly is in the latest version of your mobile app. Ps. Don’t forget that you can update your app yourself! Head to the App Updates tab in your Console to get the latest changes!

So let’s get to it.

iOS updates

We have released versions up to v3.43 and in doing so we have added the logic to redirect your members to the ‘reply’ or the ‘comment’ of each post rather than just the post as the previous logic dictated. This is a huge step forward to taking your members exactly to the content they need to see. This completes the work for this feature having already launched Android and Web earlier in the year.

For Events, we have adjusted the logic so the event button will now remain even if the event is in the past. This will allow all your members to still see the event details no matter when the event is or was! The logic is now consistent across all our platforms having already been released on Android and on Web. 

In v3.43 we have also we have made some crucial updates to help update the incoming iOS15 update go as smoothly as possible! To avoid any issues we recommend any members who take the iOS 15 update for their device, to be on v3.43 and above for the app.

We have also done a series of fixes and small tweaks to our Livestream offering. Head over to the Console now, get the iOS app updated and check these changes out for yourself! 

Android updates

v3.46 is out and it’s one you will want to be upgrading to. We have added the feature to better expose the New members and the Group Admins to all of your members. This is an important change which we hope will help both new and existing members.

By highlighting New Members to the rest of each Group, we increase the chance for them to be contacted by returning members. This will help new members coming back into the community after they first joined. By highlighting the Group Admins, we are bridging the gap for members who struggle to engage in the community and easily become lurkers because they are not sure where or who to turn to. 

Some very motivated members may manage to identify who is in charge in the community, however not everyone is that motivated to look for answers and by highlighting your Admins, we help new members or even returning members to know who to contact if there are any issues in the community or just want to connect with a friendly face.

And finally, it’s Livestream again! We noticed a few things that weren’t quite right and we have sorted them out. Livestream is incredibly important to both you as Hosts and your members and we will continue to look at ways we can improve that Livestream experience. 

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