July Product Roadmap

Product roadmap: July 2022

Every month, our product team publishes what they’re currently working on and thinking about.

New things in June

In June, we worked hard to release several improvements to the Disciple platform:

  • The subscription improvements have been released to all member-facing apps, and we are now onboarding communities onto our multi-plan subscription feature (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Improved video speeds: Uploads are now faster, and videos will play instantly when clicked
  • The posting experience was updated to allow members to choose a group before creating the post, meaning that there is much less chance that members will post to the wrong groups
  • The Console’s Onboarding page was updated, allowing you to automatically send a private message to new members.

What you can expect to see in July

We’ve been focussing on improving our existing features and capabilities, and you will start to see the fruits of this in the next month or so. Members will have more control over their data and are now able to delete their account and all content directly from the app. To better serve international communities, the member-facing apps (web, iOS, and Android) are being translated. We’re in the early stages of deciding which languages will be available, but this will either be able to be enforced at the community level (i.e. all members see a single language), or can be set to adapt to the language that the members device uses.

Some busy communities experience issues with the notifications that members receive – sometimes low-value notifications (such as notifications about Likes) can drown out notifications about more important things. We’re refining how notifications work to group similar notifications together, and give members control over what types of notifications they receive. 

In the next few months

We’ll continue our work on improving the existing features for the next couple of months. Later this year, Member onboarding will be a core focus, as well as helping new communities to get off the ground faster. As always, we have time set aside to address smaller tactical improvements as they come up, so our development teams will be looking to the suggestions previously submitted to Nolt, the Collective, and our Customer Success team to find where we can best spend this time.

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