Ep. 3
Claire Spencer, Fit for Service Fellowship

Transformational practices and being a leader

In This Episode

Disciple’s Community Experience Manager, Valentina takes some time to chat with Claire Spencer, Community Manager at Aubrey Marcus’ Fit For Service Fellowship. They explore how the Covid pandemic completely shifted the way traditional in-person communities operate and what was needed to pivot to an online community to continue offering the value and service members would expect.

About our Guest

Claire Spencer is the community manager for Aubrey Marcus’ Fit for Service Mastermind, a certified Integration Coach, and a master “Hype Friend”. She works with transformational leaders to develop self-sustaining communities that deepen the impact of their message while simultaneously bringing them more personal freedom.

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About The Passion Pod

The Passion pod is a podcast by The Collective, Powered by Disciple. In this show, we interview community enthusiasts from all industries to discuss building and scaling communities. Tune in to learn all about the creator economy, how you can create your own private community and much more.

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