Ep. 2
Leah Ison, Flutter

Life without limits

In This Episode

Disciple’s Community Experience Manager, Valentina sits down with Communications & Community Engagement Specialist at Flutter, Leah Ison. They discuss how their Disciple powered community App is helping those with cerebral palsy and other disabilities live their lives without limits through resources and support to those when they need it is the key to success. Leah also shares why you should focus on building your community with your members and not just for them is key to success.

About our Guest

Leah holds a certificate in Arts and Cultural Management from Grant MacEwan University where she discovered a passion for Public Relations and promoting events. This passion eventually turned into Communications and Community Engagement which is her current role with Cerebral Palsy Alberta, a non-profit that offers support services and recreational and leisure programs for individuals with cerebral palsy and other disabilities in the province of Alberta. She has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 10 years and has held a steady career in Social Media Management, including her own freelance business, for just as long.

Leah is a wife, mom, to one and stepmom to 4 which keeps her busy and entertained. When not working she is an avid bookworm, knitter and true crime podcast listener. 

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About The Passion Pod

The Passion pod is a podcast by The Collective, Powered by Disciple. In this show, we interview community enthusiasts from all industries to discuss building and scaling communities. Tune in to learn all about the creator economy, how you can create your own private community and much more.

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