Ep. 12
Maggie Graff, Ignited

Bridging the gap between the local music scene and community in Central Virginia

In This Episode

Head of Community and Brand at Disciple, Nicolette, shares a warming chat with customer Maggie Graff. Maggie shares with us how she tapped into her niche, allowed her passion to come out and is now building a bustling community. She loves leaning on available resources, like the ones we have in The Collective, Disciple’s own community and talks about the ease of using the Disciple software.

Who’s on this episode

Maggie is a one-woman show founder of Ignited and music photographer. She always knew she’d find both personal and professional fulfilment within the music industry, but it took getting behind a camera at a concert for her to find her angle in. Mainly self-taught, in the beginning, she’d go to venues that allowed cameras, shoot musicians’ sets, and send them a link to photos the next day for them to use. This led to paid work and authentic relationships with both the bands and other industry individuals. But her biggest takeaway: understanding the local industry’s unsolved needs, like that of a centralised community resource accessible to all involved in the Charlottesville and Richmond music industry.

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