Ep. 11
Sherry Sims, The Career Hub

Helping black women grow professionally

In This Episode

Community Experience Manager at Disciple, Valentina sits down with Disciple customer Sherry Sims, Founder of the Career Hub by the Black Career Women’s Network. They talk about knowing when and where the right place to build your community is, how to migrate a community from one platform to another and how The Collective has been a crucial part of growing a thriving community using Disciple.

Who’s on this episode

After working over two decades in the Human Resources industry, as a Talent Acquisition professional, Sherry desired to utilise her experience differently. When she transitioned to becoming a career coach, she discovered a new passion for helping people strive for career success, specifically Black women.

Sherry was inspired to create an online forum due to the lack of access to other professional black women while seeing a mentor for herself. She established a LinkedIn Group and named it Black Career Women’s Network to connect with other black women and obtain career advice.

With her newfound passion, she decided to expand Black Career Women’s Network offline into a national organisation to include resources, a coaching program, mentors and Coaches to develop its members further and provide exclusive support.

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