Ep. 13
Erica Kuhl, Erica Kuhl Consulting

Creating authentic, engaged, and empowered communities

In This Episode

Disciple’s CEO and Founder, Benji Vaughan, sits down for a meaty chat with absolute community legend, Erica Kuhl. Erica shares her wisdom on community and how to turn it into something of true value using strategy and clear objectives, which she discusses heavily on her podcast with Brian Oblinger. The two of them align on a shared sentiment that community is king and should be at the forefront of your business. To leave you with one thought, always question your “why”, the purpose behind wanting to build a community in the first place.

Who’s on this episode

Erica has over 20 years of Enterprise community expertise. Formerly VP Community at Salesforce she built everything from scratch from strategy and programs to metrics & ROI. She understands running community programs on any size budget & with any size team big or small. She’s also seen massive company growth from 176 to 49,000 employees allowing her to adapt strategies & deeply understand challenges at any stage. Erica has now ventured out on her own to help customers like Slack, Zendesk, Atlassian, Google Cloud, and Github build robust community strategies and programs with her extensive expertise, authentic approach, and trusted services.

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The Passion pod is a podcast by The Collective, Powered by Disciple. In this show, we interview community enthusiasts from all industries to discuss building and scaling communities. Tune in to learn all about the creator economy, how you can create your own private community and much more.

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