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Generate Revenue

Generate revenue by charging membership subscriptions to join your community or a particular group.

Drive Engagement

Create an interactive community space that has more engagement than typically seen on social media.

Reclaim Control

Keep your community data safe and secure. You have the full data ownership, not social media giants.

How community websites drive engagement

Our easy-to-use community website builder puts the power in your hands. When you have your own community website, you provide your audience with access to exclusive content that is highly relevant to their interests in your specific niche.

Your audience has the opportunity to share content and express their views and opinions in a safe space which means they’re more likely to engage with others in an authentic way. Having these shared experiences on a community website can help you to create a stronger sense of community and allows you to avoid online trolling which can be a common challenge on traditional social networks.

At Disciple, we provide you with all of the tools and features you need to build a fully-branded social space that allows you to engage, manage, and monetize your community. We guarantee the highest levels of security and compliance, ensuring your community interacts in a safe, trusted, and secure environment.

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Create your own community website

Your own-branded web community

Disciple’s easy to set up, fully-branded community website builder gives you the power to launch, grow and monetise your community. Simply select the features and branding that suits your needs and in a few steps you’ll have your own community soace.

The Console

The Console is where you manage your community. It enables you to publish and schedule content on the go, moderate your members and charge subscriptions.

We take care of the technology, so you can focus on the success of your community


We built our public API, so you can integrate your community with existing tools.


We regularly update the platform with new features and keep an eye on App Store guidelines, so you don’t have to.


We provide a secure, GDPR compliant platform where you own and control your data.

I've built a community site
with Disciple and I love it!

I've built a community site with Disciple and I love it!

Madeleine Shaw – Business Owner

Build a home for your community
you own and control

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“Fantastic app platform has brought our community to life.” – Action for Happiness

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Frequently asked questions

Nowadays, many people are feeling let down by traditional social media platforms. Some of the most well-known social networks are held back by feature limitations and security breach issues relating to users’ personal data. Because of this, a lot of online communities are now looking to set up elsewhere.

Community leaders who don’t know how to create a community website themselves can now turn to website builders like Disciple to do this for them. Our platform can give you the power to control every aspect of your online community, and to monetise it how you see fit.

Here at Disciple, we’ve powered hundreds of communities in a variety of different niches. We’re confident in saying that we’re leaders in creating community websites. Our platform provides you with the option to fully-brand your platform, tailor the existing features, and functionality to your business’s needs, offer a greater level of control and security as well as multiple monetization options.

With a community website, engagement has to be more than a buzzword. It needs to be the driving force that guides the design, informs decision making, and attracts members. For a community website to do all those things and more it has to be built on a feature-rich foundation, which is exactly what you get with Disciple’s community website builder.

We offer a variety of important and innovative features that promote engagement while enhancing the user experience. Those features include:


With our groups feature you can segment your audience into public and private groups determined by their interests or demographics. This helps promote more productive discussions, more engaging and lively debates and helps cut down on unrelated noise that can sometimes turn people off to social media.


Our messaging feature allows members to send private messages directly to other members of your online community. There’s no need to disengage from the community and go through third-party apps in order to strike up a private correspondence. Everything can be done within the community website platform.

Activity Feed

This feature allows you to personalize community news and share information using a variety of filters. This way members only receive notifications, news and other info that is likely to be of interest to them, giving them a sense that the community is engaged with and responds to them as much as they engage with and respond to the community.


Polls are a great way to promote engagement, raise awareness, take the measure of the community and drive interaction. Get answers to important questions, provide community members with a vehicle for voicing their opinions, and use information gleaned from polls to help guide messaging and inform your roadmap for future community development.

Live Streaming (Mobile Apps Only)

With Disciple’s community website design mobile apps, you can stream announcements or events live to the entire community, or to as many or as few specific groups within the community as you wish. This is just one more way in which Disciple goes the extra mile for your community website.

Branding & Customisation

Part of the high price you have to pay for a “free” community website from Facebook is the inability to create a truly branded environment. Disciple enables you to take control of your online community environment using your own colour schemes, logo and other branding assets.


Whether yours is a social media platform dedicated to current issues or promoting a luxury brand, Disciple events enable you to gather the faithful, bolster engagement or launch new products. Gain valuable information by tracking attendance with our RSVP feature.


With this feature, online community members can keep up with other members whose input they respect. Followers sometimes coalesce into groups that can be segmented from the rest of the community and allowed to flourish on their own.


Every community website worthy of the name not only enables but promotes commenting. It’s one of the best ways yet devised to drive engagement. With Disciple’s threaded comments you can ramp up the interaction between members to an even greater degree.


Our hashtags feature enables your members to quickly and easily locate posts on your community website related to specific topics or themes. No more having to sift through hundreds of posts to find one that interests you.


Who has the time to manually create individual posts every time they need to share information? With Disciple’s scheduling feature you can get a bundle of posts done in one sitting then schedule them to be automatically posted days, weeks or even months out.

Moderation tools

Few people like how social media giants impose their corporate values on online communities. That’s why so many are migrating to Disciple. Still, moderation is necessary lest a community website spiral out of control, and we provide an impressive suite of moderation tools.


It’s vital to know what your online community members are up to if you are to shape the user experience effectively. Disciple analytics allow you to gain valuable insight into your members, their concerns, likes and dislikes.

Customer support

We provide the architecture and knowledge you can use to create the perfect online community website. But we don’t just wave you goodbye at launch and disappear. We’re always here to provide expert advice and technical know-how.

If previously creating a community website was a big challenge and required a lot of customer development with Disciple you simply need to add your colors, content and features you want to have. Our platform will do the rest.

Online communities are everywhere and you can find inspiration in Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups and especially in independent communities that you can find on our platform. Some great examples include Rod Stryker – a community of yoga enthusiast, WeCreate – a community of aspiring entrepreneurs and SoftballConnects – a community of softball fans.

We are super passionate about communities and more you learn about communities hard it gets to define them. The best way to describe it in our opinion is as a group of individual united around a single passion.

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