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Create your own community website with Disciple. Start growing, engaging and monetising your community with a free trial today.

Generate Revenue

Generate revenue by charging membership subscriptions to join your community or a particular group.

Drive Engagement

Create an interactive community space that has more engagement than typically seen on social media.

Reclaim Control

Keep your community data safe and secure. You have the full data ownership, not social media giants.

How community websites drive engagement

Our easy-to-use community website builder puts the power in your hands.

We provide you with all of the tools and features you need to build a fully-branded social space that allows you to engage, manage and monetise your community. We guarantee the highest levels of security and compliance, ensuring your community interacts in a safe, trusted and secure environment.

how community websites drive engagement

Create your own community website

Create your own community website

Your own-branded web community

Disciple's easy to set up, fully-branded community website builder gives you the power to launch, grow and monetise your community. Simply select the features and branding that suits your needs and in a few steps you'll have your own community soace.

Friending & Messaging
Full customisation
SEO Optimised
Multiple groups
Events & RSVP
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The Console

The Console is where you manage your community. It enables you to publish and schedule content on the go, moderate your members and charge subscriptions.

Scheduled posts
Integrations & API
Member database
Moderation tools
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We take care of the technology, so you can focus on the success of your community


We built our public API, so you can integrate your community with existing tools.


We regularly update the platform with new features and keep an eye on App Store guidelines, so you don’t have to.


We provide a secure, GDPR compliant platform where you own and control your data.

I've built a community site with Disciple and I love it!

Madeleine Shaw - Business Owner

Madeleine Shaw

Start growing, engaging and monetising your community


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Built with the latest Progressive Web App technology and works on both mobile and desktop.

Branding & customisation

Unlimited groups


Content Library & Media Gallery

Friends & Messaging

Member Profiles

@mentions and topic hashtags


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Mobile App

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Dedicated Community Success Manager

Priority customer support

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Frequently asked questions

What is a community website?

Community websites are very different from traditional websites. Traditional or static websites were created as a one-way form of communication. On the other hand, community sites encourage conversations and make your visitors stay longer.

How can I create a community website?

If previously creating a community website was a big challenge and required a lot of customer development with Disciple you simply need to add your colors, content and features you want to have. Our platform will do the rest.

Where can I find online communities?

Online communities are everywhere and you can find inspiration in Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups and especially in independent communities that you can find on our platform. Some great examples include Rod Stryker - a community of yoga enthusiast, WeCreate - a community of aspiring entrepreneurs and SoftballConnects - a community of softball fans.

What is community?

We are super passionate about communities and more you learn about communities hard it gets to define them. The best way to describe it in our opinion is as a group of individual united around a single passion.

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