Facebook Groups used to be the easiest and cheapest way to engage an online community. But recent changes to Facebook’s platform mean that’s no longer the case. A lot of people are now looking for alternative ways to engage their communities.

Reason 1: Reach is at an all-time low

It’s getting harder to reach your audience on Facebook. News Feeds are so filled with clickbait, fake news and distractions that Facebook has to use its EdgeRank algorithm to work out which posts to show to whom.

And this algorithm is always changing. Just recently, Facebook changed the way its algorithm prioritises and delivers content to groups. As a result, you’ll now reach only 1-2% of your Facebook audience when you post, making it really difficult for you to deliver engaging content and messages to your community.

Reason 2: No monetisation options

Facebook Groups are quick and easy to set up as there are only a few options to choose from. This may sound like a positive. But, actually, it means that Facebook Groups are inflexible and offer only a few options for customisation.

Monetisation is key for a lot of Community Managers, but Facebook Groups don’t offer any built-in options for subscriptions, eCommerce or donations. As a result, paid membership communities who rely on subscriptions have had to find alternative solutions for paid membership space. The same is true for charities, churches and faith organisations who rely on donations to sustain their communities.

Reason 3: You’re not in control

It’s really important to remember that Facebook is owned and controlled by someone other than the users. And that leaves brands with little control and vulnerable to any changes to the platform. Just recently, a number of brands – such as LittleThings – were put out of business by a change to the Facebook algorithm, which deprioritised content from brands and publishers.

It’s also important to remember that you don’t own your audience data on Facebook. All you can access is aggregated audience data displayed in specific formats. This stops you from taking that information elsewhere and reaching your audience via other platforms. It also stops you from fully understanding your community.

Those are just three of the many reasons why Community Managers are looking for new, alternative ways to engage, manage and monetise their communities. Disciple was founded to solve these issues and deliver an owned media alternative to Facebook Groups.

Boost your community engagement with Disciple.

Disciple was built for Community Managers who are disillusioned with Facebook and other big social platforms. You may be leaving Facebook because you’re not able to reach your audience. Or perhaps Facebook is preventing you from making money or raising donations.

Whatever your reasons are for seeking an alternative, Disciple can build you a customised, mobile-first solution. Our platform takes all the best bits of social media and makes it easy, quick and affordable for you to engage, manage and monetise your community in your own, safe, dedicated mobile space.

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