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Our latest product updates: August 2020

As another month rolls on in 2020, we’re bringing you the latest update on our platform by our Product Team. From sign up improvements to updated Console features, we’ve got it all! Have a peak below.

What’s new on Mobile apps (iOS and Android 3.13)

New feed design

As part of our efforts to improve the visual design of our apps we’ve gone through a big Feed redesign in this new version. Similar improvements to Folders will be coming soon! We’re confident that this new look and feel will sell your communities right from the first moment a Member signs up.

Signup/Login design improvements

The Signup page of our mobile apps has had a design upgrade. The Signup page is the first gateway into your community app that a new Member will see – this now reflects the brand aesthetics you’ve chosen to a much higher degree.

Post placeholder

It’s always difficult to process large media uploads, however we now show a processing state while this media is getting ready to be shown to the wider community on a post.

Other improvements:

  1. Folders can now be an in-app-purchase
    We’ve supported assets being an in-app-purchase for a while but now we’re introducing the same functionality to Folders
  2. New quiet/provisional push notifications
    On iOS only, you are now able to send push notifications to members who have forgotten to allow notifications when they registered. The member would receive the notification where their iOS would add a message that says “Keep” or “Turn off” at the bottom of the notification on their lockscreen. This is a gentler way to ask members to give Push Notification permissions. 

** Please note: this won’t work for members who’ve already blocked the push notifications from the app

What’s new on the Console

Profile fields

We’ve supported Profile Fields for a long time and our Hosts have been using these to collect and display a varied amount of useful information on their Members. However we’ve given the interface for creating these Profile Fields a huge face lift and added this to the Members section in the Console. 

This is also the start of the “Host defined” Profile Field, which will allow you to define certain Profile Fields for your members – although this is only fully functional for our customers using our Public API at the moment, this functionality will be in the Console very soon. 

To learn more about this particular update see our Help Centre article

Sharing a livestream as an asset

Due to our improvements on the Livestreaming front, we’ve received a large number of requests from our customers to start sharing Livestreams as assets. Good news – now when you’re adding an asset to a Folder in the Console you have the ability to add a Livestream as well. 

Improvements to pinning posts

We recognised that the original method of pinning posts in the Console was a bit confusing, where you had to edit a post to pin it/unpin. That’s now been changed, we’ve introduced pinning into the contextual menu for Posts.

Other minor improvements

  1. Invited users last activity time should now display “Never” instead of the time when they were invited (applies to email invitations where users select their password and not emails without the direct link to the Web app)
  2. Web only customers now have the ability to “Message” their Members via Push Notifications right from the Members section in the Console.

What’s new on Web

Improved navigation

A huge improvement on Web has been the introduction of navigation elements that have been available for some time now on our mobile apps. The Web app now shows the side (right hand) menu and can also have Folders and/or Groups set as a Homepage. All this is now customisable via the new “Navigation” section in the Console, in the left hand menu. (This applies if you’re a Web only customer – coming to Mobile app customers soon)

Watching livestreams on Web

Livestreaming has taken off like never before during the pandemic, and so we’ve introduced watching a Livestream on Web! You’ll have to start the Livestream on the mobile app (this feature is only available for mobile app customers who also have a web app community) however your Members now have the ability to sit back, relax, and watch your Livestream on a much bigger screen.

Improved articles page

Articles have matured on Web with them following the mobile app design much closer, as well as Article comments being an added piece of functionality. This should enable your content to stand out like never before!

Last three replies from each comment will be displayed

To highlight comment replies, instead of these being by default in a collapsed state, we’re now having them uncollapsed by default to encourage more interaction. 

Other improvements

  1. URL and hashtag links are now supported in a group’s description
  2. Pinned posts now have the label
  3. Full screen image viewing is supported on Posts with an enhanced design on Folders
  4. The number of members in a community and the community description are displayed on the Activity Feed. This can be disabled by turning off “Show members and count” for any mandatory group.


  1. Player controls display when watching videos in Folders

Phew! That was a lot to tell you about.

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