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Our latest product update: We’ve updated Livestreaming!

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has seen one of our features in particular shoot up in popularity: Livestreaming. As a result we’ve completely reworked our Livestreaming functionality and we’re super excited to show it off. The significant changes we’ve made are the following:

  • Our Livestreaming is now faster than YouTube’s and Facebook’s! For those who want some stats, our delay time (latency) is now down to around 2 seconds from the previous 10-15 seconds. YouTube’s livestream delay is between 12-20 seconds and Facebook’s livestream delay is around 15-30 seconds. 
  • In our opinion our Livestreaming resolution and picture quality is now better than Zoom’s! On the tech side this means that you can now stream in 720p and we’re very excited to let you judge the end result.  

We’ve also launched some other updates to our Livestreaming feature: 

Livestream to groups

Previously Hosts could only create one livestream for their whole community. Now we’ve made it possible to create a livestream for a specific group! When a livestream starts, only members of the group selected by the Host will receive a push notification to let them know this livestream is happening. 

This also means that if a Host still wants to start a livestream for the whole community, they can select a mandatory group (which will have all community members in) and it’ll work just like this feature did before.

Just remember that if a Host doesn’t want certain members from a different group to watch a livestream, we recommend removing the ‘livestream’ button from the menu of the app navigation. To do this, Hosts should contact their Disciple Customer Success Manager.

Saving a livestream as a post

We understand that although the real-time nature of livestreaming is key, Hosts often want to save livestreams as a video to share with their community after the event. Well guess what – we’ve introduced this too!

At the end of each livestream, the livestreamer will be asked in a popup if they want to create a post to the group with the video that’s just been recorded. The Livestreamer can also post the video to a different group from the one that the Livestream was broadcast live to.

We’ve temporarily disabled the Livestream viewer count in the Console, but we’re bringing this back with added detail in the near future.

If you like the look of our Livestreaming feature and haven’t already launched a community with Disciple, get in touch with us to book a demo.


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