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The Community Hub: make time for the people who matter most.

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Exciting news! Today we’re launching the Community Hub – your new and improved community dashboard 🎉

We would like to thank you for the feedback so far and we will continue to improve our technology to help you manage your content and your community.

The Community Hub brings a bunch of new tools for better communication and community building. It’s more intuitive. It’s easier to use. And it helps you get things done quickly, leaving more time for you to focus on what matters most – your community.

Now you can publish content easily from wherever you are with our new publishing tools:

You can also get quick community insights when you need them from wherever you are:

Plus, manage and organise your members in real time:

And that’s not all… There are plenty more new and improved community building features to help you build, engage and monetise your community.

Happy community building folks!

Seb Abecasis in
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Seb Abecasis in Disciple news
Seb Abecasis in
Disciple news

Learn about the many benefits
of a Disciple community

Learn about the many benefits of a Disciple community

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