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User badges, member directories and more – introducing our latest product features

At Disciple, we take pride in continually updating our suite of product features so that our hosts can save time, engage their members, and become the community heroes they’ve always dreamed of being.

Since our last Harvest event, we noticed that our customers wanted to find more innovative ways to engage their members and create a more personalised user experience that keeps their members returning to their community.

As a result, we put our heads together and worked hours into the night to find solutions that help solve these challenges.

The day has arrived and we’re so excited to unveil some of our hottest new feature releases. Here are the highlights:

1. Introducing, ‘Customisable Badges’

Recognising and rewarding your members for their contributions is a great way to show them that you acknowledge and care about their involvement in your community, which is why we’ve created ‘Customisable Badges’.

Our new feature allows you to easily create badge names, select an icon from 400 predesigned ones and add a unique description to suit the badge’s purpose.

Here’s some inspiration for some of the ways that you can use badges:

  • Highlight a member’s status e.g. ‘super member’ or ‘new member’.
  • Using them to spotlight members who have certain knowledge or expertise in a particular area e.g. ‘film buff’ or ‘nature photography expert’.
  • Celebrating milestones or achievements e.g. ‘community course alumni’ or ‘Vegan chef of the year’.
  • Sharing useful information that you feel would be relevant to see e.g. ‘Premium member’ or ‘Lives in Australia’.

Find out how you can supercharge the growth of your community with ‘super members’ here.

2. Get to know your members with your very own ‘Member Directory’

Knowing your members is a fundamental part of creating an inviting and authentic atmosphere in your community, which is why we’ve created a ‘Member Directory’.

The ‘Member Directory’ allows you to get valuable insights on each of your members from one central space so that you can create a more personalised experience for your community.

Depending on your chosen fields, you can filter members in your member directory to easily discover things like; how long they’ve been a member, where they’re located, what groups they’re a part of and so much more.

Having a wealth of this information at your fingertips helps you to get a better understanding of your members, spot trends, and create a better community experience. For example, if you know most of your members live in a certain state in America, you could consider creating an offline meetup event for members to get to know each other in person.

3. Keep your members coming back with ‘Reactivation Emails’

If you’ve noticed fewer people spending time inside your community then our new ‘Reactivation Emails’ feature will help you to engage and retain your members.

Inactive members can be an issue that every community struggles with which is why we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to re-engage these members and bring them back to your community space.

Our new ‘reactivation emails’ feature automatically alerts you when you have inactive members so that you can find ways to win them back. Simply send them a customised and action-focused email directly from your community platform which re-engages them and brings them back to your community.

Want some inspiration on emails you can send? Check out these templates. 

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Seb Abecasis in
Disciple news

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Learn about the many benefits of a Disciple community

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