Introducing Extended User Profiles: Get better consumer insights

You’ve asked, we’ve delivered! Through popular demand, Disciple announces the launch of Extended User Profiles. Extended User Profiles were built so community members can learn more about each other. It helps members to connect with each other and encourages them to stay longer in communities. Members can view other members’ posts and activity within the community.

This will also benefit community Hosts, as you will be able to collect more data from your members and get unique consumer insights, which you won’t get anywhere else. 🤓

As a community Host you will be able to:

  • Collect and search for specific data about members.
  • Request members to enter certain custom fields and make them mandatory.
  • Segment members by these custom fields, export the data (.csv file).
  • Send push notification to a particular data segment.

We’re always improving user profiles to make it easier for your community to connect with each other. Find out more here.

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Mike Harrower in
Disciple news

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Learn about the many benefits of a Disciple community

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