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Top 10 Facebook community examples that will blow you away

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Facebook communities are a space where you can find people from across the world who share your interests. This means that users are able to be a part of online communities. With 2.38 billion monthly users, Facebook has an enormous reach and connects more and more people every day. We have put together a list of the top 10 Facebook communities for you to check out!

1. Intrepid Travel 

Intrepid is a travel company that has acquired a huge online community on Facebook with over 570,000 members. The page has a number of purposes. It serves as a space where people can share their photography and videos from their travels. Another great part of this community is that members share useful tips with others who are traveling in the same area. Online travel communities are the modern-day guide book!

2. Threadless

This community supports unknown artists. The way it works is they post the art on their Facebook community page and the members can purchase it. The platform also gives the artists an audience. It’s a win-win for everyone. One of the 900,000 members gets to buy amazing art while supporting artists.

3. Indian Cricket Team

If you’re looking for a sports community with very engaged members then this is the one. With 28,000,000 members, this is a place where you can get together, share pictures and videos, and enjoy a match in real-time while chatting with others in the community. They even have a list of ‘top fans’ who are the most active members!

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4. Mod Agency Insiders

This is a closed member group. But trust me, it’s worth joining. This is a space where marketing professionals and entrepreneurs can ask questions and help each other grow. The objective of the community is to get advice from others in your field or anyone who can offer new ideas.

5. The Climate Group

This group is run by an award-winning non-profit organisation. The aim of this community is to raise awareness and get people involved in the projects. They share engaging content within their group and also have an easy donate button for members.

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6. Identification of Music

This is another closed member group with 97,000 members. The idea behind it is for members to share music they have heard and can’t recognise. Then, another member will let them know the name of the song. This community works incredibly well on a number of levels. It has become a great place to find new music and it also is a promotion platform for artists.

7. Tasty

Calling all food fans! This is the community page for Tasty, which is an extremely popular food network. Yet another example of outstanding brand communities. In this Facebook community, members share their home-cooked meals with the rest of the group. There is a great atmosphere of support as the members give positive feedback in the comment section.

8. Aussies in London

If you’ve ever moved to another country you can relate to the feeling of being lost, confused and having an overload of questions in your head. This page is for Australians who have moved to London. Members advertise rooms, ask questions about the best bar in town and even post about jobs. It is also quite an active group with up to 10 posts a day. The beauty of it is that it’s a space where community members can feel at home even if they’re halfway across the world.

9. Surfing

A community for people who share a common hobby, surfing. This page is chock-full of information with anything related to the sport. There are videos, pictures, competitions, culture and the list goes on. This community has everything you need if you are a surf fanatic!

10. 5-Minute Crafts

This is one of the largest Facebook communities with 67,000,000 members. In this group, individuals share videos of 5 minute DIY projects. It’s filled with handy tips and innovative ideas. The great thing about this group is member interaction. There is a lot of commenting on videos and the admin is also very much involved as they respond to questions. This community is thriving because it’s got great content, active members and constant activity.

Do these communities have everything you need?

Although these Facebook communities have a lot of positive factors, there are also a few things that are missing. We have put together 4 things about these communities that may become an issue as the group grows.

1. The community is not yours

The biggest issue if you are using Facebook as the platform for your community is that this comes with a risk. There is no way to know if Facebook will be around in the next few years. It puts a lot of trust into the companies hands with no guarantees.

2. There are limitations on how you can customise

Facebook has a limited level of customisation. The gist is, you get what you’re given. There is a set structure and there is no way to create a community to your own taste. If you want a community that reflects your vision, the best route is to build your own online community app.

3. Facebook communities are poorly organised

These communities are organised in a stream of posts and comments. It is hard to find old posts, create a structured discussion and organise your members.

4. No control of your own community standards

If you are using Facebook as the platform for your community, you must comply with their standards. You run the risk of having your group deleted if Facebook decides they don’t want your platform on their website. If you have taken the time to build and cultivate this community, this would be a nightmare. Instead, go create your own ultimate community and make your own rules.

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