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Step 6.3: The Ultimate Community Resources Page

This page holds links too useful community resources from a wide range of places.  Whether you manage a forum, a social media community or an app based community there should be something for everybody. We hope that all types of community manager will benefit and be inspired.

This list is just getting started – Comment if you find it useful, have suggestions for additional resources or want to share an insight


“Someone would always answer”: The sad death of the internet message board

A lament for online forums (featuring equally lamentable screenshots), as IMDb shuts down its message boards. (Forum based) 

What the WELL’s Rise and Fall Tell Us About Online Community

A key early member of the most influential early online community remembers the site, which is now up for sale. (BBS/Forum based)
Howard Rheingold in the Atlantic


5 Tips for Building a Community Management Strategy

Are you looking to build a community management strategy for your business? Here are five ways to get started building an effective community management strategy. (Social media focused)
Social Media Examiner

Six Strategies for Creating a Successful Online Community (PDF)

The following six recommendations are meant to provide you with the strategic foundation required to build a successful online community.

Building a Community Strategy

Are you just getting started and looking to build your community strategy? We recommend using the Community Maturity Model (CMM) to help in building a community strategy.
The Community Roundtable

Community Management

7 Basic community management tips that will take you far
Managing a social community can be a key customer service, marketing and sales activity for small businesses. Here are seven tips for new community managers that will take you from beginner to pro! (CRM & Social media based)

The Ultimate Checklist to Winning in Community Management
Community Management today has extended beyond the bounds of the physical realm and into the online world, just as the traditional role of PR has expanded to include virtual communities and social media followers. (Social media and PR based )


Community manager job posts
Not just ideal for writing job description when hiring a community manager, but also ideal for understanding the role from an organizational perspective

Benefits and ROI

The SPACE model
The Framework for Defining Your Community’s Business Value

Does Your Online Community Contribute to Business Growth? Here’s How to Tell.
You’ve heard it time and time again – well executed online community programs have a clear value proposition and lend to the overall success of the larger business.
Community by Association


7 Strategies for Achieving Phenomenal Online Community Growth
Miles Jennings in Entrepreneur

Seb Abecasis in
2 min read

See how Disciple can fit your business needs

Seb Abecasis in Community building
Seb Abecasis in
Community building

See how a Disciple community
can fit your business needs

See how a Disciple community can fit your business needs

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