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The Ultimate Online Community Growth Playbook

In this series of articles, we help community managers build their ultimate community.  From understanding the community, establishing a powerful purpose, and measuring benefits. To the practical aspects of content creation, community management, and business integration.   We round the series off with a detailed downloadable checklist.

Check back regularly for updates and more bonus community resources

Step 1 – Purpose

We look at community as a concept, examine the role of purpose and give you practical ideas on getting members. Plus a worksheet to help you develop a clear community purpose that will result in a vibrant community.

Step 1-1: What does “Community” really mean?

Step 1-2: Establishing a purpose for your online community

Step 1-3: Twelve ways to get members into your online community

Step 2 – Types & Growth

An introduction to the different types of communities with suggestions for growth ideas. We provide you with an overview of the different customer community platforms available alongside examples of great online brand communities for inspiration. Our downloadable flowchart will help you choose the best community management platform to fit your needs.

Step 2-1: Community types & growth

Step 2-2: How to choose the right community platform

Step 2-3: Ten great branded community examples

Step 3 – Benefits & Rewards

Show me the money!  And show me the other benefits! From revenue generation to how communities can help other aspects of the company.  We also look at the concept of brand first and community first communities and what this means for companies. The cost to revenue worksheet helps you to explore the opportunities to monetise for profit and not for profit communities.

Step 3-1: Five easy ways to monetise your community app

Step 3-2: Is your online community brand or community led

Step 3-3: How to create the ultimate 360 community

Step 4 – Content & Engagement

Understand the core strategies you need to drive engagement and encourage your community to create user-generated content. We’ll also give you a swipe file of where to find content resources for your community.

Step 4-1: What content should you use for your community

Step 4-2: How to encourage user generated content in a community

Step 4-3: Where to find content resources for communities

Step 5 – Member Management

Understanding the types of members that you’ll encounter as your community develops. A crash course in community methodology.  Nurturing positive behaviour and a positive community. Plus a community rules worksheet

Step 5-1: Online community structures and members

Step 5-2: What should your community methodology be?

Step 5-3: Ten ways to encourage a positive online community

Step 6 – The Ultimate Launch

Working with Disciple and a checklist of everything you need plus the integration you need to get the maximum benefit out of your community

Step 6-1: What happens after you launch your ultimate community

Step 6-2: Why full integration is vital to branded communities

Step 6-3: The Ultimate Community Resources Page

The Ultimate Community Guide is constant work in progress.  Our aim is to provide all the resources and advice you need to build and benefit from your branded community.  We’d love to hear suggestions and thoughts on our material. Enjoy creating your ultimate community! 

Seb Abecasis in
3 min read

See how Disciple can fit your business needs

Seb Abecasis in Community building
Seb Abecasis in
Community building

See how a Disciple community
can fit your business needs

See how a Disciple community can fit your business needs

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