As the internet grows, a lot of what used to be hip and cool loses its appeal. Even though forums are losing their following, there are still ones that are striving. They have daily visitors, loads of members, and are bursting with content. We have put together 13 popular forums that will keep you scrolling.

1. Adobe

Adobe is a software company based in the U.S. The forum is designed to help the firms customers with any questions they have. It’s filled with how-tos and answers to any problems that users are faced with. Another handy feature this forum has is that there is a filter where you can find content based on the author, the date, or any related tag.

2. World of Warcraft

When this video game was released in 2004, it gained a massive following. Even today, it still has 5.03 million players. Their forum is a great way to build a community around the game. It has a number of great features for the members such as general discussion, guides, gameplay, and a technical support section. There is so much user-generated content, you could spend hours on this forum and not get bored. Definitely one of the most popular forums in the video game community.

3. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is an open-source product. Their forum is a way of providing users with customer support. With 1.8 million members, it has proved to be a great way to answer questions that even though asked by one person, can be useful to everyone visiting the forum.

4. The Chronicle of Higher Education

This is a forum where university professors can meet and talk about their interests. It is structured in different sections such as news, careers, and special topics. This community allows professors from all over the world to meet in one place and chat freely and openly with one another.

5. Politics: The Bully Pulpit

This forum has been around since 1994 and still has 3 million members. Once you have a look at the content, you’ll understand why. This forum of chock-full of political discussions and active members. The constant back and forth means there is always something going on to have a read about. This popular forum has carried on throughout the years because of the strong community it has built.

6. About Smoking Cessation

Cessation is the action of quitting smoking. This is a supportive community for people who have quit or are trying to quit. Members write about their day to day struggle or equally their successes. From the posts, you can see it’s a very caring environment as users cheer each other on and offer advice when they can.

7. Breaktime 3

This is a forum for builders, construction workers, craftsmen, and craftswomen. It is a space where they share advice and tips when one another gets stuck. The great thing about this community is that it is open to everyone. They are very welcoming, especially to people who enjoy DIY and are curious or need tips.

8. Fighting for America

The first thing you encounter when stumbling upon this forum is an atmosphere of openness. At the top of the page, the admin has posted a welcome video where he describes the purpose of the forum and what you can get out of it. The main topic of discussion is politics. The members are primarily liberal but according to the guidelines, as long as the content you post isn’t hateful, all points of view are welcome. Great forum to express your opinion and learn from others in the community!  popular-news-forum

9. Airbnb Host

This forum ranges from hilarious stories, to support, to how-to-deal with different issues on the Airbnb website. It is extremely popular and is a great community for these hosts. On top of this, the forum has even set up a separate blog. This provides the readers with a guide on how to become the best host they can possibly be. All in all, this is a great online brand community.

10. Reddit

Reddit is an interactive forum in a number of ways. Users post whatever they like (a story, a video, a meme) and it gets ranked by other members voting on it. Also, members can comment and share on other websites. With over 100,000 communities, it remains one of the most popular forums on the internet.

11. Slashdot

The tagline for this forum is ‘news for nerds’ and the content delivers. It is full of posts that talk about astrology, space travel, programming, and technology. If this is where your interests lie, you will not be disappointed. Go, explore and learn!

12. Digital Spy

If you cannot stop binging shows, this is the forum for you. It’s a place where you can get together with other TV fanatics and talk about everything you’ve been dying to all day long. The top category has 1.7 million posts. This alone shows how popular and active this forum is. If you ever felt like the only one watching a show, believe me, you aren’t. And this forum is proof of that.

13. Vegan

This forum is a great place if you are looking for recipes, tips, and recommendations for delicious vegan recipes!  There is a lot of support for members’ journey into becoming a vegan and also how to deal with the social stigma. There’s a communal feeling of understanding and support, which makes this such an appealing community.

Discover Popular Online Forums Built with Disciple

Disciple has helped scores of communities build vibrant, popular forums that create virtual worlds where registered users can share experiences, dispense advice, participate in illuminating discussions and just have a great time. Here’s a sampling:

1. Her Spirit

The women’s fitness community Her Spirit wanted an online space that was both safe and supportive where members could congregate and share their experiences and challenges. Disciple helped them build an online discussion forum that fit their needs to a T. They make optimal use of Disciple features such as commenting, #hashtags, livestreaming and push notifications to strengthen the community and enrich their member’s experience.

2. Cerebral Palsy Alberta

Community leaders at Cerebral Palsy Alberta got tired of the roadblocks Facebook kept throwing up in their way and began searching for an alternative that would enable them to bring together all elements of the Cerebral Palsy community including health professionals, social workers, families and more. They found the perfect social media alternative in Disciple where their “Flutter” app has become one of our most impressive success stories.

3. Softball Connect

Shortly after launching, the Softball Connect forum app rocketed to number 1 in the Google App Store and signed up more than 5,000 registered users in the first 24 hours alone. On the Softball Connect message board, you experience the kind of intense fervour you’d normally expect in fan clubs, alongside the quality advice and support you’ll find with apps like Her Spirit. Who needs social media giants when you can create popular online forums like this with Disciple?

4. Dead Space

If you know anything about the history of popular music in the 20th century you know about The Grateful Dead. During its active years, the band created a rabid following that became the envy of the music business. Though the band is no more, countless “Dead Heads” remain, like David, who created Dead Space. Since shifting his community from Facebook to his Disciple app David has been able to ramp up engagement through the use of livestreaming, events and other Disciple forum features.

Final Words

These popular forums show the number of people that still use them as communities. There is such a vast variety of forums and they all offer so much to the members. It’s a great way to find people with a common interest and spark discussions.