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Learn What Makes the Best Online Coaching Software

Online Coaching Software

With the right online coaching software or platform at their disposal, coaches are discovering it is much easier to manage the clients they have – and to take on new ones. But what exactly are the characteristics that the best coaching apps share, and is there one that stands apart from the rest?

A New World of Personalised Technology

Coaching as a profession has experienced significant expansion and diversification in recent years. Whereas in the past “coaching” was understood to mean providing timely and useful guidance to athletes, today coaching may also mean providing career advice, helping business owners unlock their potential, providing guidance for new parents and much more.

Much of the impressive diversification within the coaching profession can be explained in 2 words: coaching app. The rise of the app as a coaching tool has enabled established coaches to take their coaching business to a new level, and aspiring coaches to gain a foothold in the industry faster and more effectively than their predecessors.

Why the Disciple Coaching App is the Ideal Coaching Platform

Not every coach has dozens of clients and not every type of coaching requires a slew of supporting media. At the same time, if a coach is looking to expand their business, ramp up their monetization efforts and incorporate new technologies, the coaching platform should be able to accommodate them.

A branded coaching app enables all of the following capabilities and functions:

Data monitoring

Hard data analysis provides actionable intel which can be used to assess, plan and implement more effective coaching solutions. With this ability, the coach can determine who’s thriving and who’s lagging behind.

Robust communication capabilities

Disciple’s coaching software platform promotes client engagement through messaging, push notifications, video conferencing, Q&A sessions, group coaching and more.

Timely and effective content delivery

An online coach must be able to effectively deliver content to their clients. The Disciple coaching app facilitates the dissemination of your expertise via PDFs, image sharing, video archives and more.


Regardless of the type of coaching you provide, your Disciple online coaching management platform will easily adapt to your needs and the needs of your clients.

There are other white-label coaching apps out there, but few that offer the kind of wide-ranging functionality you will get with your own branded app built on our platform.

Disciple Online Coaching Software Features

Let’s take a deep dive into the many robust features of our online coaching software.


Disciple provides a diverse suite of analytical tools through which you can track client progress in both the short and long term. At the same time, these powerful tools allow you to determine if alterations to your marketing strategy are yielding positive or negative results.


Chances are, not all your clients are from the same city or town or at the same stage in their various journeys. Our online coaching software enables you to segment your clients into groups based on their ability, physical condition, geographic area or any other criteria. If you have a large number of clients this ability will make a crucial difference.


Vibrant, engaged client communities cannot be built by forcing members to communicate through a collection of 3rd party apps. Our coaching software enables person-to-person in-app messaging without ever leaving the coaching app environment.


Polls enable you to take the pulse of your client community by discovering what they like about your service, what they don’t like and what they want you to cover that you are not currently covering. With Disciple’s coaching app software, polls are easy to set up.

Push notifications

Push notifications alert clients to important information even if they are not currently active on your app. Push notifications can be sent out at predetermined times leading up to a live stream or other event to ensure you get the best possible response.

Resource delivery

When it comes to effective online coaching, content delivery is king. Our coaching app platform allows you to create a resource library that includes PDFs, audio files, spreadsheets, images, archival videos and more. Make them available to clients for free or charge a fee for access.

The above is just a sample of the functionality you will enjoy when you opt for Disciple.

Addressing the Real-World Needs of Online Coaches

Online coaches face an array of challenges that any effective coaching app must address. Those challenges include:

Creating an effective business strategy: Disciple’s powerful analytic tools eliminate guesswork and enable online coaches to create a business plan that’s firmly grounded in the real world.

Booking and scheduling: If your coaching business is spread over multiple platforms, scheduling clients becomes unnecessarily complicated. The Disciple coaching app allows you to centralise this vital process.

Going where the clients are: According to recently published statistics, the average person spends 14% of their waking life online. That’s up from less than 5% ten years ago. Our coaching app lets you stay in step with your clients’ lifestyles.

Our white label coaching app enables you to:

  • Easily scale your coaching business and related services.
  • Make more money per customer by selling subscriptions, related courses and more.
  • Centralise all communication with your clients.
  • Retain a higher proportion of clients over time.
  • Increase the average amount of time clients stay with you.
  • Increase how much you make from your clients.
  • Provide value-added services such as the video archive and related resources.
  • Create segmented client groups to better enable group coaching.

If you have been weighing the various online coaching platforms, it’s probably clear by now that Disciple Media have everything you need to bring your coaching business into 2022.

Ours is the best online coaching platform not just because it is affordable, scalable, and feature-rich, but because it allows you to focus more effectively on the client experience.

The Advantage of Our Coaching App Over a Website

Websites have their uses, but when it comes to creating and nurturing online communities they simply cannot compete with apps. What makes an app so much better at fostering communities?

  • Because they are hosted on the client’s mobile device and not a web server, apps load instantly.
  • For the same reason, they are not affected by disruptions to internet service.
  •   Clients can also access most features even if they don’t have an internet connection.
  •   They provide a level of customisation that websites cannot offer.

One More Thing… Social Media

Leveraging Facebook to stay in touch with clients is a pretty common practice for coaches of all kinds. Facebook Groups, after all, are free to set up and most people have a Facebook account, so they are used to the platform already.

However, not everyone has a Facebook account. In fact, the social media giant has been hemorrhaging users in recent years. As a result, putting all your eggs in the FB basket these days is extremely risky. And maybe the biggest downside to FB groups is that the corporation retains the right to dictate monetization terms. Indeed, they may well make more off your community than you do. We believe that is just not right.

Your own branded white label app will not only provide state-of-the-art functionality, you will also have total control over any and all monetization efforts. Get in touch with Disciple today to learn more.

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See how a Disciple community can fit your business needs

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