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Step 1.3: 12 ways to get members into your online community

It’s important to try out different ways to get people involved in your online community. Broadening your reach can often have positive results. This is why we have found 12 great ways to get members into your community. Go out there and get people involved!

1. Invites sent to existing company or association email lists

If you can do this, it’s an easy way to automatically invite a group of potential users. Make it interesting to get people to click and learn more about your new community.

2. Community details on product labels or included with mailed products

Make use of your existing product! Highlight your online community on the label and turn your product into a movement.

3. Paid advertising on Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram

Whatever time of day, you can always count on people being on social media! It’s a great way to circulate the news of your new community.

4. Though social media posts – on your pages or though influencers

Influencers can share your product and reach a number of people you wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. Also, posting on your own page is a good way to get your followers, family and friends involved!

5. Using invites in existing social communities   

This can be useful if you already have a strong community already set up or if you’re part of an active group. Let them know that you are working on a new and exciting project!

Three men sitting at a table on their computers

6. Through blog posts and guests posts

Again, use your resources! The internet is a wonderful way to reach people you would have never been able to. Blog posts can be shared between a lot of people, so keep it fun and interesting.

7. Via press releases, news stories and PR activities

This is a broader way to get members into your community. This can peak individuals interest when they hear about it and boost the chances of new members.

8. Using community launch events

Nothing gets people more excited than a party! Show everyone why and what this new community is all about. It’s a fun way to get new people to sign up (don’t forget to add the plus ones!).

Group of people at a conference

9. With printed flyers and mail shots

Go old school. This can be an effective way of getting people to sign up who didn’t even know your platform existed in the first place. Don’t forget to hand out flyers at other peoples’ events.

10. Through contests and sweepstakes

People love to get involved in contests and sweepstakes. It’s an exciting way to introduce users to your new community app.

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11. By promoting exclusive community content and discounts

There isn’t a better way to make people feel like they are part of something exclusive. This not only encourages users to purchase content but also makes them feel like they are part of something special.

12. By word of mouth

Go super old school! Get the word out. Start talking, let everyone know that you are about to release something exciting. This is a great way to spread the word and get people involved.

These are just a few ideas on how to get members into your online community. Don’t be shy to try them out. If  you think of any others comment in the section below to help other growing communities!

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Seb Abecasis in Community building
Seb Abecasis in
Community building

See how a Disciple community
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See how a Disciple community can fit your business needs

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