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Step 4.3: Where to find content resources for communities

Fantastic places to find content resources for communities

Coming up with constant new content can be a challenge so we’ve put together a helping hand in the form of a list of resources. We’ve prioritised the free or free if you register resources. Let us know if you find these useful. 

Stock Photos

Great stock photos for free and mostly with no attribution required, these are our favourite sites for photos that will give your content the necessary wow factor: – a nice mixture of stock, including some beautiful patterns and  images that work well for backgrounds  – photos on every topic – mixed site with some very  nice countryside photos – the place to go for the weird and wonderful photos of people – some beautiful free images with the aim of selling your collections –  good site, check out the theme packs to save search time – a popular site that includes some good humorous images – a little toned down vs competitors, but some nice images 

Text + graphics tools

If you want to combine images and text without firing up Photoshop we recommend these free tools (both require a log in).

hand drawing a design with a pen


Vector can give your content a distinct clean look. It is a good general vector graphics and Pimp my Drawing offers more unique images.


Inspiration, humour or to make a point, quotes come in handing for almost instant content.


Not for every community, but good for the odd Friday laughs – we’d suggest sticking to clean ones.

three girls laughing in a field of flowers

Stock Video


These lists are for blogs and Facebook content, but there are hundreds of ideas many of which will work well in communities.

book that says the big idea


One way to get interaction is to have quizzes or ask questions. We’ve found that this or that type questions are good for discussions:

Stock Music

Music for video or podcast content:


A interesting way to represent less visual products or make announcements more fun is to place them in a mockup:

mock up in a book


Regular or festive contests will help get members excited and apps buzzing, just make sure that the prize is attractive and that the contest is fair.


Interesting trivia and fun facts from your field are nice easy piece of content.


Hopefully, all of these resources will help you build content for your online community. These should help you keep up to date with providing your community with fun things to explore. Keep it up and get those members involved!

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Seb Abecasis in Community building
Seb Abecasis in
Community building

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See how a Disciple community can fit your business needs

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