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6 Best alternatives to Google Groups


As anyone who has ever used it will tell you – Google Groups is pretty bad. That’s why so many people are searching for a Google Groups alternative.

Unfortunately, Google Groups has had flaws from the very beginning, and little has been done to address the problems. 

If you currently use Google Groups to run your business communications or community, now’s the time to switch. This article will help you find the best alternatives to Google Groups out there at the moment.

Why is Google Groups dying out?

Google Groups has many failings. The reason the platform is so unpopular is due to several factors. The main two failings are:

  • Difficult to use – Google Groups is complicated to use, with no integration between Gmail and Groups. This means users must manage two inboxes, with complicated interfaces. Email threads are messy and keeping track of conversations with multiple people is almost impossible. This all adds up to a “group” communication tool that makes team collaboration more difficult, rather than easier!
  • Lack of updates – Google Groups has hardly changed since the beginning of its 19 year lifespan. Updates are rare, and they only cover technical glitches, rather than going to work on the complex UI or lack of features.

The combination of being difficult to use and lack of support, means that Google Groups are losing users and members in droves. 

So, what alternatives to Google Groups are out there?

Alternatives to Google Groups

There are dozens of Google Groups alternatives that provide similar communication tools and integration. We’ve selected the 5 best ones here, with a 6th option outlined in the next section.


Basecamp is a team collaboration tool that allows users to share an inbox, store files, and plan tasks.


Hiver is a team email and communication service that integrates with Gmail. It’s optimised for customer service and support teams.


Topicbox is a team communication tool that uses a system to store and retrieve information held within emails. 


Drag integrates with Gmail as an Chrome extension app, allowing teams to directly communicate and collaborate through one inbox.


Mailman is a simple alternative to Google Groups that helps you manage email discussions collaboratively. It’s limited in terms of features, but free to use.

The all-round best alternative to Google Groups

When it comes to providing a viable and powerful alternative to Google Groups, there is one type of software or app that stands head and shoulders above the others.

Community platforms are the number one Google Groups alternative.

Community platforms or community website apps and builders, allow you to build a socially-based collaboration platform for your team or teams. 

With Feeds, Threads, Private Messaging, Groups, Livestreaming, a content library and integrations, community platforms offer much more than a basic communication tool.

Community platforms such as Disciple provide the best alternative to Google Groups. At Disciple, we’ve made sure to create a user-friendly interface that can be learned in minutes. Multiple groups and teams can be set up instantly, without going through lots of settings and preferences (another downside of Google Groups).

As well as group threads, etc. Disciple also makes it easier to drive community engagement with push notifications and a “social network” feel. There are also advanced team analytics available. 

The other good thing about Disciple and some other community platform apps, is that you can migrate your existing Google Groups over with ease. A few clicks of the mouse is all it takes to export from Google Groups into a format that is readable by Disciple software.

Final words

You no longer need to put up with the headaches and wasted time that come with using Google Groups. 

Google Groups alternatives offer improved user-friendliness, integration with other tools, regular updates and extra features.

Community platforms such as Disciple are the best alternative to Google Groups, as they are not just communication tools, but community engagement platforms too, with leads to more effective collaborative working.

To find out more about how Disciple can help you manage team emails and boost collaboration, contact us today.

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Seb Abecasis in
Community building

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See how a Disciple community can fit your business needs

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