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The only private forum maker you need

Disciple’s secure private forum builder is designed to help you set up a private forum around sensitive themes or topics of discussion.

We simplify the process of making private forums with a set of easy-to-use tools and features so you can focus on engaging, managing and monetising your audience. We guarantee the highest levels of security and compliance to ensure your community interacts in a safe, trusted and secure environment.

Why Choose Disciple

A private forum has the potential to become an important, thriving community. While it may lack the raw numbers that many a public internet forum can boast, the private group will not have the large percentage of inactive members typically associated with those public forums.

What you will have instead is a smaller but still considerable group of individuals drawn to the private forum platform specifically because of its private nature. Members of such a private community will value engagement, respond better to opportunities to interact, make ideal brand ambassadors and are less likely to need rigorous moderation.

Why You Should Build Your Private Forum Using Disciple

If you wish to build a private forum app to support your brand, Disciple is the perfect choice. Our private forum software enables you to ensconce your private forum behind a secure subscriber wall and then provides the tools you need to get members of your community talking. Those features include:

Public and private messaging – Individuals dedicated to a particular brand enjoy sharing with one another about new product releases, favourite products or services, and their history with the brand. They also enjoy sharing private conversations with a select number of other community members. Disciple messaging allows them to do both.

Commenting – Commenting is a proven, effective way to create dialogue around a brand, topic, product or trend. Disciple’s threaded comments take this ability to the next level by promoting more detailed dialogue between members which, in turn, helps build cohesion within the private group.

Polls – Whether you have a public or private forum app you’ll find polls to be incredibly useful for encouraging engagement and taking the pulse of the community. Private brand communities will find our poll feature to be an invaluable tool for floating new product ideas and discovering why certain things work and others don’t.

Moderation – A private group does not usually need the kind of strict moderation required on a large, public forum – but it’s still necessary, especially for a private forum related to a brand. Shadowbanning, “trusted reporters”, the ability to unpublish posts and more will ensure user-generated content does not bring the brand into disrepute.

We take your privacy seriously

Your own-branded private forum

Disciple’s fully-branded private forum maker gives you the power to build, grow and monetise your community. Simply select the features and branding that suits your needs and in a few steps you’ll have your own secure private forum.

The Console

Our easy-to-use Console allows you to store and publish content, manage members and understand what makes your community tick. You control all aspects of your private forum from the Console.

We take care of the technology, so you can focus on the success of your forum


We built our public API, so you can integrate your community with existing tools.


We regularly update the platform with new features and keep an eye on App Store guidelines, so you don’t have to.


We provide a secure, GDPR compliant platform where you own and control your data.

Disciple really understands
how to build engaging
community platforms. My
average revenue per
community member is £38

Disciple really understands how to build engaging community platforms. My average revenue per community member is £38

Madeleine Shaw – Business Owner

Build a home for your community
you own and control

$ £

Your own
branded app


US$633 /per month

View our full pricing structure here


“Fantastic app platform has brought our community to life.” – Action for Happiness

Disciple community apps in app stores.


Rated 4.64 out of 5. Based on 14,508 iOS and Android app reviews received between 30 June 2014 and 6 November 2018.


“Outstanding Product and Exceptional Customer Experience!” – Her Spirit

Frequently asked questions

Our technology gives you the flexibility to design and structure your private forum in a way that works for you. You can choose from a list of features and menu items. You can also apply your own branding, logos, and colours for a fully customisable community experience. Building a private forum, has never been easier.

We have a range of flexible monetisation features for you to choose from. One option is our subscription model; your members will pay a monthly or annual fee to be part of your community. Or, you can set your community up as a paid download from app stores. That means you set the price and your members pay a one-off fee to download and join your community space. Our community software comes with in-app purchases and freemium functionality, meaning you can put a paywall in front of any exclusive content or areas of your community platform. You can also use any combination of these monetisation options to make money in the ways that work for you and your forum.

Creating a secure private forum, works for communities of all shapes and sizes and we’re currently powering communities of 100 people and communities of 1 million people alike. Every community is unique and we want to make sure you’re not paying for features and hosting capacity that you don’t need. We’ll give you a personalised price based on your community size and feature requirements. After you complete the contact form below, you’ll have a chance to book a call with one of our Community Specialists to get your exact quote.

Migrating your community to your secure private forum, may sound like a challenge. But here at Disciple, we help communities of all sizes migrate from social media, websites and mailing lists into their own, dedicated and highly interactive community spaces. We’ve got plenty of resources, best practices and guides to help make sure your community moves with you when you’re ready to go.

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