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Increase customer engagement, loyalty and retention with your own customer community software. Get your own fully-branded customer community today.

Power-up Loyalty

Power-up customer loyalty by nurturing a sense of belonging between your customers and your brand.

Boost Customer Engagement

Keep customer engaged with push notifications, live streaming and messaging.

Keep it safe

Bring your customer together in a safe and secure environment outside of social media noise.

Fully-branded customer community software

Disciple’s customer community software helps you build a sense of belonging between your brand and your customers.

We believe that communities will become an integral part of every business and we want to create the best tools to support a range of community-driven organisations. We work with hundreds of communities from over twenty industries and we know what makes a community successful.

Benefits of community software that you can customise

There are a number of benefits of using community software that offers you the flexibility to customise it. The main benefits include ease of use when it comes to taking care of community management.

Having all of your members in one central space rather than being dispersed on multiple platforms or channels means it’s much easier to keep track of the engagement of your users.

You also have the added advantage of getting deeper insights into what makes your audience tick which allows you to tailor your user experience to the needs, likes, and wants of your community members. All of this combined means that you’ll have a buzzing, loyal, and highly engaged community that is committed to your offering.

Take advantage of all of these community software benefits

Take advantage of all of these community software benefits

Your customer community on Web, iOS and Android

Here at Disciple, we created a range of tools to keep your customer community engaged. From live streaming to push notifications, we've got you covered.

Push notifications
Content Library
Public & Private Groups
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The Console

Moderate your community and discover unique customer insights with an easy-to-use community management hub.

Consumer insights
Member profiles
Open API
Member database
Moderation tools
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We take care of the technology, so you can focus on your community


We built our public API, so you can integrate Disciple customer community software with your existing tools.


We regularly update the platform with new features and keep an eye on App Store guidelines, so you don’t have to.


We provide a secure, GDPR compliant platform where you own and control your data.

Disciple helps brands to create powerful customer communities. Their customer support is great!

Madeleine Shaw - Business Owner

Madeleine Shaw

"Fantastic app platform has brought our community to life." - Action for Happiness

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Rated 4.64 out of 5. Based on 14,508 iOS and Android app reviews received between 30 June 2014 and 6 November 2018.

"Outstanding Product and Exceptional Customer Experience!" - Her Spirit

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If you've still got questions

How can I use community software as a tool for my business?

There are a number of advantages to using community software as a tool for your business. Customisable community software provides you with a valuable opportunity to offer excellent customer service directly to customers. Having direct access to you in an informal setting as well as a private space to be educated and informed on the latest product updates or releases can make your customers feel valued and involved in the process which inspires trust and loyalty. You also have a number of interactive tools that you can use to keep your customers engaged with topics to do with your business such as Polls, Livestreams, Push Notifications, and direct messaging.

Why choose Disciple?

Online community engagement platforms are essential these days if you’re looking to market a product or service to a dedicated base of loyal customers. Creating a community platform app for this customer base gives followers of your brand the chance to interact with you - and each other - in ways that create long-lasting relationships.

While some brands attempt to achieve this with free community software, these are usually lacking in their feature-set, and in the degree of customisation they allow. Conversely, Disciple Media’s customer community software grants you total control. An app or website built with Disciple also lets customers post and share user generated content such as polls, videos, events, and even video livestreaming.

Here at Disciple, we've powered hundreds of communities in a variety of different niches. We're confident in saying that our state-of-the-art customer community software is the best community software available. Our platform provides you with the option to fully-brand your platform, tailor the existing features and functionality to your business's needs, offers a greater level of control and security as well multiple monetization options.

How do you build community?

Building a community can be a challenge for any organisation. That's why when you sign up to Disciple you not only get the most powerful customer community software, but also a lot of resources on growing your community.

What are the types of community?

We work with all types of communities from various industries. There are five main community types: Interest (you gather your customers around a particular hobby or passion), Action (you gather your customer in order to bring some change in the world), Place (you gather your customers because they live in a particular geographic area), Practice (you gather your customer because they are in a similar profession - this is more common for B2B brands)

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