Getting started with Disciple

We empower customers to build their own independent communities. Our Customer Success team enables you to transform your vision and passion into a thriving community full of excited, engaged community members.

The journey to launching your own independent community app is done in three stages:


Our team learns about your vision for the app and builds a Success Plan to empower you to achieve it. Then we train you to use the platform so that you can build your community.

plan image


We support you while you make your app come alive with engaging content, striking visuals, and set up the app to match the community purpose.

set-up image


The team then submits your app to the App Store and Play Store for approval using your own developer accounts. Once it’s approved by Apple and Google, you’re ready to launch and introduce the app to the world.

launch image

Our approach partners your knowledge and skills with our platform and technology. Giving you total control of your community, content, and data. While we focus on providing you with a stable, easy-to-use platform that is regularly updated with new, even better ways to grow and benefit from your community.