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Courses are here! Bring your courses and community together in your own, fully-branded app, for an exceptional online learning experience that generates income.


How it works

Create transformational courses within your own app

With Disciple, you can easily create courses within your own white-labelled app. Set the price, publish your course and start generating income as you sleep!


Provide a smooth learning experience for your members

Now your members can access your courses when and on whatever device suits them best. Our intuitive user interface guides learners through your course and shows them their progress.

Build accountability and connection with groups

Online learners can feel lonely and demotivated. Not anymore! Create dedicated groups for course participants to chat, build friendships and grow together. Engage participants with push notifications and more.

Build accountability
Reward course graduates

Reward course graduates

Celebrate achievements and reward course completions with badges. Create a positive culture of recognition and inspire more members to enrol in your course.

Use powerful analytics to optimise your course

Unleash the potential of our cutting-edge course analytics to refine your content, understand learner dynamics, and deliver unique learning experiences.

powerful analytics to optimise

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Courses are included in our Pro and Enterprise plans, or can be purchased as an add on. See our pricing page for further details.


Creating your own online course with Disciple is a breeze! Simply sign up for our Pro or Enterprise plan, both of which include access to our Courses feature. Once you’re in, you can easily create engaging online courses within your own branded app. Set the course price, publish your content, and start earning revenue from your expertise.

Absolutely! With Disciple, you have full control over the customization of your app. You can tailor its appearance to align with your brand’s identity by adjusting colors, logos, and design elements. This ensures that your online course app reflects your unique style and creates a cohesive learning environment.

Disciple empowers you to build a thriving learning community. You can create dedicated groups for participants within your online course app, allowing them to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Engage learners further through push notifications, discussions, and shared achievements, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation.

Disciple provides comprehensive analytics that offer valuable insights into your online course’s performance. Gain a deeper understanding of learner behavior, track progress, and identify trends to refine your content and enhance the learning experience. Our clean and easy-to-understand analytics helps you continuously improve and cater to your participants’ needs.

Absolutely! Celebrate the success of your learners by rewarding them with badges upon course completion. This positive reinforcement not only acknowledges their accomplishments but also encourages a sense of achievement and pride. Such recognition can inspire more individuals to enroll in your online course.

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