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Our mission to help communities thrive starts right here - with our own community. We’re building a new kind of owned media platform and we need a team of exceptional people to do it. People who are committed to challenging themselves and others. People who are determined to revolutionise the concept of community.

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How we work.

We’re just getting started. - Disciple

We’re just getting started.

We have lots of problems yet to solve (how do we quantify the health of a community?) and solutions to build (how about an app that builds an app?). We're looking for rigorous thinkers and problem solvers who can bring creative ideas and solutions to the table.

We don’t have all the answers. - Disciple

We don’t have all the answers.

That’s why we value curiosity and look for infinite learners. We love confident opinions and well-researched ideas. What we love more are ideas that can be adapted and enhanced when presented with additional views and compelling counter-evidence.

We try to see the wood AND the trees. - Disciple

We try to see the wood AND the trees.

We break down long-term goals into individual tasks and tick them off as we go (thanks Asana!). We also keep our eyes on the prize and look up from the laptop to work with those around us. We work with each other to make sure we’re all pulling together to reach our bigger goals.

Every quarter counts. - Disciple

Every quarter counts.

We can’t predict what’s going to happen a year from now. So we keep focused on what we need to do to move Disciple forward each quarter. Every team starts with its quarterly KPI. From there we plan down to monthly, weekly and daily level. If we’re going to beat the competition, we need to be faster and smarter. This is just one of our ways to do that.

When we grow, you grow. - Disciple

When we grow, you grow.

We’re a young but growing company. And with that growth come opportunities to learn and develop. As a team, but also individually. We recruit from within whenever possible and create opportunities for those who prove themselves up to the task. Anyone joining our team should be ready to embrace new challenges and push themselves to achieve more.

We prefer culture-add to culture-fit. - Disciple

We prefer culture-add to culture-fit.

We’re looking for people that move us forward by bringing new skills and ideas to the team. People that can teach us things. Our customers manage a wide variety of communities with diverse memberships. We need a range of voices in our team who can support and represent them.

Calling all copywriters

We’re always looking for skilled freelance copywriters who can help us tell our story. If you’re a wordsmith with SEO and copywriting experience, get in touch here with a CV and some examples of your copywriting work.

And if you can’t see the perfect role for you but want to work at Disciple, drop us an email at