Our story

Founded by then electronic musician and label owner, Benji Vaughan, Disciple was initially created in 2015 for Benji to directly reach and engage his fans and audience digitally. Disciple has since evolved into a platform that enables and empowers community managers, business owners, influencers, coaches (and more) to build and own a private community platform.

Disciple exists to create a level of freedom, control, community focus and creativity among ambitious individuals. Having worked with community leaders ranging from the likes of The Rolling Stones to aspirational fitness instructors, there is no limit.

As an industry leader in the Passion Economy, Disciple aims to educate on the power of building true connections led by an excitement and adoration for each individual’s community focus.

Our principles

We want to build a relationship with our customers based on Trust, Transparency & Simplicity. These are our guiding principles.

We believe in Diversity and Independence.

Every community has its own culture, purpose and currency. We believe the platform that powers them should support this diversity and independence.

The communities we power are our customers, not our product.

That’s why we simply charge a subscription for our platform, and any money you make from your community is yours to keep.

Your data belongs to you. It’s not ours to sell.

We don’t sell data to advertisers. We only analyse usage data to improve our platform and help every community thrive.

We will protect your data as if it’s ours.

We are building a secure, consent-led platform for managing data. We will provide the tools to help you be GDPR-compliant.

We believe in Quality over Quantity.

There’s greater value in a close-knit community, than a mass of likes, follows or shares.

Meet the team

Benjamin Vaughan


Alexis Orssich


Helen Cook

Head of Talent

Mark Downey


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