Why us?

Get closer
to your community.

Reaching your community is getting harder. Social media is noisy and controlled by algorithms. Email inboxes are cluttered and unengaging. We believe that nothing should stand between you and your community. Our fully customisable mobile-first platform strips out the complexities and gives you a pure, dedicated home for your fans, friends and followers.

Social Media Disciple
Engagement On average, you’ll only reach and engage 6% of your audience. Reach and engage 100% of your audience.
Control Changing algorithms controlled by someone else. You’re in control.
Cost Free to set up, but you pay to reach your audience. Fixed monthly or annual pricing.
Culture Complicated guidelines and conflicting cultures. You have no control over moderation. You set the culture and tone for your community.
Branding Little control over branding. Apply your own branding and design.
Data They own the data. You own the data.
Analytics Limited analytics only available for paid campaigns. In-depth analytics of your community at no extra cost.
Monetisation No direct monetisation options. You choose how to drive revenue.
Engagement Reach and engage 100% of your audience.
Control You’re in control.
Cost Fixed monthly or annual pricing.
Culture You set the culture and tone for your community.
Branding Apply your own branding and design.
Data You own the data.
Analytics In-depth analytics of your community at no extra cost.
Monetisation You choose how to drive revenue.
Our mission

To help
communities thrive.

Disciple’s platform is designed to help your community thrive in a mobile world. We believe that every community has a different culture, goal and set of needs, and technology must be able to support this. We offer a range of tools to help you engage, understand and draw value from your community. Disciple builds in the highest levels of security and compliance to ensure your community interacts within a trusted and secure environment.

To help <br><strong>communities thrive.</strong> - Disciple


Take control over look & feel. - Disciple

Take control over look & feel.

We put the power of design in your hands. Your own branding. Your choice of colours. Your choice of features. Publish your images, videos and artwork to complete your community space.

Get your content noticed. - Disciple

Get your content noticed.

Reach 100% of your audience. This is your own, dedicated channel. No news feed algorithms or vying for attention with a bunch of other brands.

Turn engagement into revenue. - Disciple

Turn engagement into revenue.

You choose how to drive revenues from your community. Choose from subscription, sponsorship, in-app purchases and web payments. Link directly to your online store.

Connect your community. - Disciple

Connect your community.

Inspire your community with exclusive content, polls and competitions. Bring them together to share their passion with messaging, posts, comments, likes and shares.

Reach people anytime & anywhere. - Disciple

Reach people anytime & anywhere.

Schedule own-branded, customised push notifications to your community whenever you publish. That’s your logo and your message on the screens that your audience sees most.

Understand your community. - Disciple

Understand your community.

Our advanced analytics and segmentation tools give you real insight into your community. Find out who they are, where they are and what they like.


How long does it take to build my app?

In a matter of hours we can have your app ready for you to download and test. If you love it (which we know you will) we’ll help you with App Store and Google Play Store submission. Once submitted, you can have your iOS and Android app live in stores within a couple of days!

How much does it cost?

With us, there are no hidden costs. We believe a fixed monthly or annual price to cover maintenance, updates and hosting is the simplest and most transparent way to provide our platform. Any revenues you generate are yours to keep. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with full pricing details.

Do I need to write code?

Absolutely not! Our tech wizards have designed the platform to take all that tricky coding out of the equation, leaving you to focus on building your community.

Are your apps iOS and Android compatible?

We build native apps for both Android and iOS (Apple). We release these in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store for maximum reach and discoverability.

How often do I need to post?

Across our existing customers’ apps, 98% of content is user generated and there are 91 user posts for every 1 post from the community host. That means, posting less than once a day is more than enough to keep your community thriving.

What level of support is included?

We’re proud of our platform and the support we provide our customers. We keep it running to our high standards so that you can focus on building and engaging your community. We maintain and develop the code. We push platform updates. We ensure that our platform is secure and complying with the highest standards of privacy and data protection. Our Customer Success team will be there to train you on how to make the most of our platform and provide technical support when needed.


Average Revenue Per User for Disciple’s communities is $2.19.


Disciple’s communities see 16 times more engagement than public social networks.


98% of content is created by the community, so with just a little input, the app can run itself.