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We provide you with all of the tools and support to quickly set up, grow and engage your community on – Web, iOS and Android.

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Generate Revenue

Generate income by selling online courses, membership subscriptions, and exclusive content.

Drive Engagement

Drive more engagement than typically seen on Facebook and Instagram.

Reclaim Control

Bring your community together in a safe space that you own and control.

User friendly white label social network platform

Disciple’s fully-branded social media builder is designed to help you grow your community around what matters to you.

We put the power back in your hands with a set of easy-to-use tools, integrations and features so you can focus on engaging, managing and monetising your audience.

Whether it’s a social network website builder or a social network app builder you want, we guarantee the highest levels of security and compliance to ensure your community interacts in a safe, trusted and secure environment.

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Build a social media website

Your own social media builder

We give you the power to launch, grow and monetise your community. Simply select the features and branding that suits your needs and in a few steps you’ll have created your own social media platform.

The Console

Our easy-to-use Console allows you to store and publish content, manage members and understand what makes your community tick. You control all aspects of your community from the Console.

We take care of the technology, so you can focus on the success of your community


We built our public API, so you can integrate your community with existing tools.


We regularly update the platform with new features and keep an eye on App Store guidelines, so you don’t have to.


We provide a secure, GDPR compliant platform where you own and control your data.

Disciple really understands
how to build engaging
community platforms. My
average revenue per community member is £38

Disciple really understands how to build engaging community platforms. My average revenue per community member is £38

Madeleine Shaw – Business Owner

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“Fantastic app platform has brought our community to life.” – Action for Happiness

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Rated 4.64 out of 5. Based on 14,508 iOS and Android app reviews received between 30 June 2014 and 6 November 2018.


“Outstanding Product and Exceptional Customer Experience!” – Her Spirit

Frequently asked questions

A social media builder gives you the power to create your own social network. You get the chance to run your own social media platform for like-minded people to come together, chat, share information and connect. Social media builders such as Disciple provide you with all the tools and components that are necessary to make your private social network a success. You can have all of the functionality that you’re used to using on traditional social media such as groups, polls, events, custom content and livestreams, with the added benefit of being in total control of your platform.

Why Choose Disciple

Community leaders choose Disciple Media’s social network builder because they’re tired of Facebook, Twitter and other social media behemoths imposing ever more restrictive rules on them. They want the freedom and ability to create their own online communities without their members being arbitrarily sanctioned, or their activity feeds being overrun with ads served by the hosting app.

When we say “we put the power back in your hands”, we mean it. Our mission is to provide you with the architecture, features and guidance necessary to create your social network and then get out of the way. It’s the opposite of Big Tech, who provide you with a limited number of tools and then start exploiting your community for their benefit the minute you go live.

Our white label business model gives you the power to transform the platform we provide into one that is uniquely your own, with your own logo, fonts, colour scheme and other graphic touches. It’s just another example of how we put the power in your hands.

Social Network Builder with Leading-Edge Features

A social network builder is only as effective as the feature set it provides, and with Disciple, that feature set reflects state-of-the-art advancements in social network site building. Here’s just a small sampling of our impressive feature set:

Member profiles – With the Disciple social network builder you can customise the user profile feature to capture whatever type of data you deem relevant and that will help members interact more effectively.

Messaging – If your members are tired of having to exit social media apps and open third-party apps to send private messages, they’ll be thrilled by Disciple’s integrated private messaging option.

Push notifications – With our versatile and effective push notifications feature, you can keep everyone informed of important events and developments. Or, you can tailor notifications to specific members, or notify members when someone has replied to their comment.

Everything you get from Big Tech you get here, and in some cases (such as the video quality of our live streams) what you get is miles ahead of anything you can expect from Zoom or Facebook.

We have a range of ways that you can use a social media builder to monetise your community. One option is our subscription model; your members will pay a monthly or annual fee to be part of your community. Or, you can set your community up as a paid download from app stores. That means you set the price and your members pay a one-off fee to download and join your community space. Our community software comes with in-app purchases and freemium functionality, meaning you can put a paywall in front of any exclusive content or areas of your community platform. You can also use any combination of these monetisation options to make money in the ways that work for you and your community.

Our social media builder works for communities of all shapes and sizes and is currently powering communities of 100 people and communities of 1 million people alike. Every community is unique and we want to make sure you’re not paying for features and hosting capacity that you don’t need. We’ll give you a personalised price based on your community size and feature requirements. After you complete the contact form below, you’ll have a chance to book a call with one of our Community Specialists to get your exact quote.

We have worked with a number of communities, both large and small! Each community that we’ve worked with has loved creating their own community. They love the privacy and control that building their own social network has provided them with. They no longer have to waste money on ads to reach their audience and they love how much engagement they get on their platforms Vs chasing reach from traditional social media platforms. There is also peace of mind with knowing that you are in absolute control of your platform and never have to worry about your group or community being banned or taken down.

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