Ep. 8
Virginia Scheuer, Body Soul

Conscious living and wellbeing for alignment and success

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Head of Community and Brand at Disciple, Nicolette, shares a bite-size chat with customer, Virginia Scheuer. Virginia shares how she’s shifted her entrepreneurial habits to build the community she now has with Disciple. They tap into the importance of looking after the body and the soul in order to be truly successful. Virginia also shares her top tips and golden nuggets to building a thriving space, including her courses model and adopting the “less is more” concept.

Who’s on this episode

When Virginia Scheuer sets her eyes on her purpose and passion, she is unstoppable. She has been a soulpreneur for about 14 years. She started her adult career with her Masters of Fine Arts in Acting. She spent a brief time as an actor in California, where she found herself falling in love with the idea of working for herself, and with this idea, she went to school and became a certified holistic massage therapist. Realising that her life was taking a new path, she found herself teaching secondary and post-secondary education over the span of a decade.

Virginia is multi-passionate, with a deep love for personal development and inner-soul connection. In 2017 she left teaching full time and started her own business. By 2019 she built a 6 figure online business by building a small following of a couple thousand and helping over 200 businesses through 1on1 and group/ community coaching. Virginia has expanded this business by founding the Soulpreneurs Association that provides resources and tools like the Body Soul App and SoulSoftware to help heart-centred professionals reach new levels in their daily life and business.

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