Ep. 5
Richelle Olsen, Escaping Your Comfort Zone

Body positive walks and adventures

In This Episode

Disciple’s Community Experience Manager, Valentina, takes a moment to chat with Richelle Olsen, Founder at Escaping Your Comfort Zone. She shares her excitement to move multiple Facebook groups over into her Disciple community App to connect her community members all in one place. She also shares her top tips for starting out and why it’s important to encourage your community to open up and share more about themselves to help foster connections and build relationships.

About our Guest

Richelle is an Aussie 40-something, plus-sized, and has cycled from Canada to Mexico, hiked to Everest base camp, run a 25km race in the Spanish Pyrenees, trekked the Inca Trail, solo bike toured through the Italian Alps and Scotland, scuba dived in around the world, raced over 20 triathlons, solo hiked the Queen Charlotte Track in NZ and had a whole lot of other adventures in between. She does it slowly, frequently solo and on her own terms.

In 2016, she returned home from 5 months cycling 5000 km from Canada to Mexico, where her greatest challenges were avoiding bears, finding food and water, and finding a flat patch of grass to pitch my tent. She realised there was much more to life than the stress of constructed deadlines in my job as a telecommunications business analyst. So many women had told her she was so brave to do the adventures she does, that they never could. So she worked out a way to become their cheerleader – she quit my job and started Escaping Your Comfort Zone with the commitment to make it work. It’s been a rollercoaster, but the payment in seeing people’s lives change completely, outweighs the salary she used to earn.

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