Ep. 6
Erika Gayle, The Babes Club

Belonging and support for female identified, non binary and queer folk

In This Episode

Community Experience Manager, Valentina spends some time with Erika Gayle, Community Leader, CEO, and Co-Founder of The Babes Club. They discuss what it means to belong and having a positive place to hang out where you feel empowered and supported by others. She talks about her frustrations with Facebook, and the relief of finding a platform that focuses on customer service, the ability to have multiple groups based on interests and having total control over how you can notify members.

About our Guest

Erika Gayle is the Community Leader, CEO, and Co-Founder of The Babes Club. She is a wife, a cat mama to three VERY spoiled house-cats, and has collected over 50 house plants in the last year. Erika started pursuing her photography career in 2007 and in 2015 she discovered the genre of boudoir and hasn’t looked back since.

Upon discovering how much of a positive impact these sessions had on her clients and their self-esteem, she started a Facebook group in 2017 called The Boudie Babe Community. This group started as a way to keep in touch with her past and future clients but it quickly evolved into so much more than that. Through The Babes Club, Erika empowers her community of female-identified, non-binary, and queer folks to better their lives and overcome their greatest challenges. Erika’s biggest achievement to date knowing how many lives she’s changed through her boudoir sessions and through her community.

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