Reach your members on both web and mobile

Create a community platform, where members meet and connect with each other - on Web, iOS and Android.

your community platform on web or on a mobile app

Manage your community on autopilot

Manage content and members with an easy-to-use community management console.

the management console of your community platform

Everything you need, in one place

Bring your people and content together in your own branded community platform. Segment and manage audiences with public and private Groups and Feeds. Store and share content with a hassle-free and easy-to-use Content Library.

Features from your community platform including post feeds, podcasts, image galleries and videos, surrounded by people's profile pictures

Monetise your community

Packaging premium content into an additional revenue stream has never been easier. Our community platform is designed to include a variety of monetisation options such as membership subscriptions, exclusive content, sponsorships and much more.

A premium post with an example of annual and monthly pricing tiers
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Our open API enables you to extend the existing Disciple functionality and automate community management through Disciple’s API.

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Your community, your brand

We’re just as passionate about your business as you are. We ensure your branding remains front and centre. Customise your community platform with your logos, fonts and colours.

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Expert customer service

We’re committed to providing the best customer experience possible. If technical support is needed, our expert team (of real humans) are on hand to help.

Own your data

We provide a secure, trusted and GDPR-compliant community platform. You own all of your data and never need to worry about it falling into the wrong hands.

screenshots of community member management and analytics in the console, and an icon depicting a shield with a lock on it

Drive powerful conversations

Build a thriving community and boost engagement with: targeted and personalised Push Notifications, Direct Messaging, Likes, Comments, Threads, Polls and high-resolution Livestreams.

engaging features from your community including live streams, messaging and push notifications


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Branding and customisation

Fully-branded. Customise your community platform with your own logo, colours and assets.

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Segment your audience by interest and demographic into unlimited private and public groups.

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Activity Feed

Power-up engagement with a personalised stream of content tailored to each one of your members.

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Charge subscriptions to join your community or a particular Group.

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Content library

Store all of your content assets (videos, images, PDFs, blogs) in folders and share them with your community.

calendar icon

Promote your events with embedded links and track attendance with an RSVP feature.

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Members can discover and connect with other members who share similar interests.

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Your members can send private messages to other members within your community platform with our direct messaging feature.

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Member profiles

Customise member profiles with specific fields to capture relevant data and easily segment members into relevant groups. Members can find and connect with each other.

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Members can @mention each other to inspire conversation.

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Drive engagement with comments and threaded comments features.

hashtag symbol icon

Easily find posts on a specific theme or follow a topic with hashtags.

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Drive interaction and get answers from your community with a polls feature.

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Schedule unlimited posts as far in advance as you want.

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Moderation tools

Keep your community platform safe and clean with moderation tools. You can verify, report and shadowban community members.

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Track vital metrics. Measure engagement, get to know your audience better and gain deeper insights into what’s performing best.

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Own and manage all of your member’s data in a secure GDPR way.

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Live Streaming
mobile phone icon Exclusive to mobile apps

Stream to your entire community or to specific groups with much higher video quality than on Zoom and Facebook.

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Push Notifications
mobile phone icon Exclusive to mobile apps

Connect with audiences at any time with Push Notifications that can be targeted and personalised.

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Customer support

We provide you with technical support for your community and if you have a mobile app, you will get your own dedicated Customer Success Manager.


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Take your brand to the next level by removing all Disciple branding and getting your own custom URL.

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Make the most of our open API and add on the functionality to integrate any existing software you currently use.

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Enterprise deployments

Roll out the platform to your workforce and create an internal community for your business. Talk to us to find out how we can help your organisation if you’re an enterprise.

Communities that are thriving with Disciple community platform

Start growing, engaging and monetising your community