It can be hard to distinguish what counts as a forum and what doesn’t, let alone understanding what a forum maker actually does.

Many social media sites incorporate elements that are associated with forums. Sites like Reddit and Quora operate in a remarkably similar way to forums, with community voting to raise the visibility of popular posts and comments.

This is because one of the greatest features of the internet is the ability for strangers to bond over shared interests. Forums were one of the first methods for doing this online. Social media sites and other large sites have incorporated many of the popular features of forums into their platform.

Even with increased competition from social media, dedicated online forums are extremely popular. You can find active forums discussing most topics you could think of. There’s nothing quite like finding a community of like minded people where you can learn, discuss, share experiences, and debate every aspect of your favourite interest.

Nowadays anyone can learn how to use a forum maker and create a forum about whatever they want. Whether it’s about a hobby, creator, interest, or a brand, building forums no longer requires any technical knowledge of coding. Platforms exist that provide all the technology for you to create a forum. All you need is to choose the topic and features, then have the time and enthusiasm to run your own forum.

In the busy modern world, we all wish we had more time to spend on our passions and interests. But in reality, you’re likely to need to use a forum maker that makes it as easy as possible to create and manage a forum.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Let us take you through the options available to help you find the easiest forum maker.

Choosing a forum maker

The easiest way to make and manage a forum will likely depend on what type of forum it is and what goals you want to achieve with your forum. The 3 main options are:

  • Create a forum on a social media site.
  • Create a forum on a forum hosting site.
  • Create your own forum using a website and app creation platform.

Each of these methods for building forums has different pros and cons.

Social media site forums

Using a social media site as a forum maker might not seem like truly creating a forum. But creating a Facebook group or subreddit dedicated to your interest can achieve some of the same goals. You can make posts around the subject and generate engagement, interactions, and discussion.


  • Creating a forum on these sites is free.
  • These sites have user bases that will contain your target audience.


  • Although easy to make you have little choice in terms of customising the forum or adding features specific to your community.
  • Managing your forum can be difficult as you are restricted by the terms of the social media site you are using.
  • Changes to the platform can affect your forum without warning.
  • When people log onto a social media site your forum is competing for their attention against a lot of other content.
  • Lack of organic reach. These days the only way to get your content noticed on social media is to pay for advertising, which is hit and miss.
  • Trolling can be a big problem on social media. There seem to be armies of trolls on the big social media sites these days that can destroy all of your hard work in a matter of hours.

Forum hosting sites

Forum hosting sites allow people to create a forum from scratch offering typical features generic to all forums. Typically, they charge a monthly fee to host the forum providing storage and a domain as well as software for managing the forum. This fee may scale depending on the amount of bandwidth and memory you require.


  • Gives you more control compared to social media sites. 


  • They cater to a large variety of communities and only offer generic forum features.
  • You have to draw people to your site, unlike social media sites which have a large pre-existing user base.
  • May not work well on mobile or provide dedicated apps on iOS and Android.

Forum website and app creation platforms

A different forum maker approach is using a website and app creation platform. You get to choose each aspect of the forum from design and features to moderation and even monetisation. Again, these services typically charge monthly services for hosting and providing additional services.


  • Total control of the forum. Everything belongs to you including all the user’s personal data.
  • Customise the app at each stage of the process to produce a unique forum. Utilise features beyond text posts and comments, incorporate video, live stream, event calendars, monetisation, and personalised profiles.
  • Moderate your forum how you like.
  • Gain access to analytics that allows you to better understand your community and maximise engagement.
  • Services designed for both web and mobile with apps for iOS and Android.


  • Requires you to draw users to a new platform.
  • Can have a longer creation process due to greater control and customisation.

Disciple is a website and app creation platform that offers forum specific software. They believe in the passion economy, where independent community platforms give creators and brands the opportunities to build profitable forums with direct monetisation.

The passion economy takes money from social media giants and gives creators the ability to directly engage with their audience. Monetising your content on platforms like forums without a middleman and helping creators grow their community.

Managing a Forum

Using a community platform like Disciple may not seem like an easier process to create a forum. Afterall with a few clicks, you can use a forum hosting site to get a forum up and running. But in the long run, a slightly longer forum maker process is easily offset by having a forum designed specifically for your community and the tools to successfully manage it.

Disciple’s simple to use management console provides you with every tool you’ll need to run your forum.

  • Manage your forum members, whether that be verification for known users, member ranking, or different roles and permissions for trusted users.
  • Moderate your forum members, ensuring their activity does not step outside your community rules. Utilise the simple content reporting function to allow other users to flag inappropriate content.
  • Analytics to fully understand your community. With other forum makers, you don’t get the analytics that allows you to find insights and modify your forum management approach to reach your goals. Disciple analytics includes member and content analytics, location data, device usage, and data visualisation.
  • Use the console content library to store and manage every aspect of the forum easily from one place.

Incorporating monetisation into a forum is a great way for fans or customers to gain direct access to products they are interested in based on their passions. Disciple offers creators and brands the ability to boost revenues from forums with monetisation options that include subscriptions, web payments, premium content, and more.

Final Words

Traditional forum makers may seem like a simple and easy way to create a forum. But more creators and brands are looking for help building forums that actually reach their goals. 

Using Disciple as a fully independent and custom forum maker you build the forum that matches your community. Design the forum to look how you want with all the features you need. Use the easy-to-use management tools that are designed to get the most out of your forum.

Get in touch with Disciple to find the easiest way to make and manage your own forum.