The Rolling Stones




Rock Legends

Key market



higher user engagement than their other social channels.


million minutes spent in the app in the last 12 months.

1 in 6

app users bought tour tickets through app-only presales.

Community Quotes

I love this app. At my age I'm a grandma but I love The Rolling Stones because they don't give up and the older people there can see what you do at any age. You don't have sit in your old rocking chair, you can rock on stage. Long live The Rolling Stones - the greatest band in the world 🤘💕💋👅👅👅👅 - @MaryDominguez

It’s a cool app for big Stones fans like me. My favorite thing is the positivity of this fan base and the ability to connect with fans from around the world. - @MartinHNHS

I have been on this App for years. I have my friends and I love this app better than Facebook, all my friends are on here!! - @DonnaHappy