About Disciple:

Our mission is to help communities of all shapes and sizes thrive in an environment they control and own. We are a fast moving technology business going through exciting growth.

Having built native community apps for a diverse range of customers, from global entertainment brands such as the Rolling Stones,  the UK’s first constituency community for Matt Hancock MP, to major global corporations, celebrity chefs, think tanks, residential communities and schools, we have now opened up the platform for anyone to create their own community on a SaaS basis.

All our customers have one thing in common – a shared passion and a desire to nurture their community on a platform they define and they control.

The role:

Disciple is a fast growing company that is gaining traction with a wide spectrum of Customers. To support our next phase of growth, we are expanding our Customer Success team and are looking for an enthusiastic and proactive Production Assistant.

Our Production team manage the creation, upgrade and maintenance of our mobile and web products across a wide portfolio of Customers. They are a key link between the Customer Success (CS), Product and Engineering teams, handling feature rollouts, customers requests and bug fixes.

This is an exciting and demanding role that requires ability to understand and deal with technical issues, strong organisation & communication skills, focus, energy and passion for what we do and believe in.

You’ll report to our:  Production Manager and Head of CS

Place of work: Camden Town, London

You will be responsible for:

  • New Customers – Build: Our top class Engineering team have built a set of amazing tools which allow our Production Team to produce iOS and Android apps in less than 10 minutes. You will work with the CS team to gather and understand the Customers requirements and work quickly to iterate through a couple of versions of the Product until everyone is happy.
  • New Customers – Deploy: Once the prototype app is finalised, you are responsible for final quality control tests, preparing and submitting the final app to the app stores, and monitoring their progress through the review process. You will also present training sessions on this part of the process to the Customer.
  • Product Upgrades: Our Product and Engineering teams set an ambitious product development roadmap each quarter. You will work closely with them to understand what features are coming next and when they are likely to be released. When releases are ready you are responsible for final quality checks and preparing and submitting app updates to the app stores.
  • Product Maintenance: We are a rapidly growing company as we add more Customers our products are being stress tested by an expanding end-user base every day. This helps us to improve the platform as the Customers submit feature requests and bug reports. You will be a key contact for managing, coordinating and testing the fixes for these bug reports.
  • Customer Support: Another helpful side effect of our growing customers base is an increase in customer support tickets. While they can often be simple and/or repetitive to deal with, the tickets give us crucial insights into how users are using and, more importantly, struggling with the product. You will deal with these Customer Support requests in a friendly, efficient and customer focused manner, while also helping Customer Success and Product identify potential pain points.

You’ll love this role if you:

  • Great problem solving skills
  • A “make things happen” attitude
  • Passion and focus
  • A knack for getting on with people on various levels

People we’ll love have:

  • Outstanding attention to detail
  • Great organisational skills and the ability to efficiently manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Good general knowledge of the business of Apps, SaaS and the broader technology landscape
  • Ability to deal with technical problems and edit a text configuration files
  • Apple Mac skills, very proficient in Microsoft package or similar.
  • Ability to learn fast
  • A drive to continually seek opportunities to improve how you and your team work using new tools, better processes and improved documentation
  • You are passionate and very focused, able to work effectively on their own initiative  

In return we’ll offer:

  • Competitive salary based on experience
  • Pension scheme
  • Option scheme
  • A regularly stocked beer fridge, breakfast bar and fruit bowl
  • Fun and friendly working environment in open plan office
  • Collaborative, transparent and fun loving office culture
  • The chance to work with a diverse set of customers
  • The chance to build a new category of business

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